Ali on the Run Show Episode 34: Global Running Day & Why I Run

The Ali on the Run Show Episode 34 Listen on iTunes I SoundCloud I Overcast I Stitcher I Google Play NEW: Follow the Ali on the Run Show on Facebook! Global Running Day is Wednesday, June 7! So on this episode, I’m talking about why I run, what I love about the running community, and why […]

Episode 13: Chris Mosier, Transgender Athlete & Advocate

The Ali on the Run Show Episode 13 Guest: Chris Mosier, Transgender Athlete and Advocate Listen on iTunes I SoundCloud I Overcast I Stitcher I Google Play On this episode, I’m talking to my dear friend Chris Mosier. Chris is a Hall of Fame triathlete and duathlete, and was called “The Man Who Changed the […]

How I Finally Got Over My Body Issues

We’re getting a little deep today. This is a long post, and there’s still so much more I could’ve said — and still want to say — on this topic. It took me two months to hit finally publish and to want to share all of this. Here’s a bit of reflection on my relationship […]

Ali on the Run Show Episode 4: Running Coach John Honerkamp

The Ali on the Run Show Episode 4 Guest: John Honerkamp John Honerkamp is a former Olympic Trials qualifier, a running coach, and one of the co-leaders of the November Project tribe in New York City. He boasts an impressive running history: He competed at the Olympic Trials in the 800 meters when he was still […]

New York City Marathon 2016 Recap

Yesterday was the best day ever. The past two and a half months have included many not-so-best days ever. So I just wanted a day. I wanted one day to run the New York City Marathon, because I knew that one day would have the power to overshadow all the dark days I’ve seen lately. […]

How To Wake Up For Morning Workouts

“How do you wake up so early to run?” It’s a question I’m asked fairly often. And, as someone who writes about health and fitness, I’ve written the “How to Become a Morning Runner” article more than once. Everyone wants a quick fix or little trick to becoming someone who rises with the sun. (Put […]

The Inaugural Brooklyn Mile Recap

On Sunday, I ran my first-ever mile race — the inaugural Brooklyn Mile! I was irrationally nervous about this race all week. Every time I would go on the race page, I would get a knot in my stomach — the kind of nerves usually reserved for dance competitions, marathons, or the daily 4 PM […]