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I’m your host, Ali Feller, and every week on the Ali on the Run Show, I talk with inspiring people who lead interesting lives on the run and beyond. And while running is the thing that brings us all together, on these episodes, we cover more than just what happens on the run. We learn the whys behind the runs. The decisions people have made to get where they are today, and how getting sweaty has factored in. Whether you’re on the run toward something great or away from whatever is holding you back, let’s pick up the pace together.

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Cynthia Martinez

Ali on the Run Show Episode 361: Cynthia Martinez, Filmmaker & Journalist

Cynthia Martinez talks about her running story and her film, First Voice Generation.

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Kellyn Taylor

Ali on the Run Show Episode 360: Just Missed with Kellyn Taylor

HOKA NAZ Elite athlete Kellyn Taylor reflects on the high points and the low ones of her career.

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Caitlin Dalton

Ali on the Run Show Episode 359: On the Job with Caitlin Dalton, Middle School Special Education Teacher

Caitlin Dalton talks about her work as a middle school special education teacher.

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Ask Ali!

Ali on the Run Show Episode 358: Ask Ali!

Answering listener questions about running without a watch, building confidence, advice for first-time marathoners, and more.

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Karissa Schweizer & Shelby Houlihan

Ali on the Run Show Episode 357: Shelby Houlihan & Karissa Schweizer, Bowerman Track Club Teammates

Shelby Houlihan and Karissa Schweizer talk about what it’s like when your closest teammate is also your toughest competition.

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Julia Lucas

Ali on the Run Show Episode 356: Just Missed with Julia Lucas

Julia Lucas reflects on that fateful day at the 2012 U.S. Olympic Track & Field Trials in Eugene, OR.

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Episode 85: Emily Halnon

Episode 86: Kara Goucher

Episode 87: Michele Gonzalez

Episode 88: Allie Kieffer

Episode 89: Janae Baron

Episode 90: Gwen Jorgensen

Episode 91: Sarah Sellers


Episode 281: Rachel Wyman

Episode 283: Beatie Deutsch

Episode 285: Carolyn Su

Episode 288: Chris Mosier

Episode 292: Alison Désir

Episode 296: Alexi Pappas

Episode 300: Sara Hall


Episode 221: Rachel Dewan, Archaeologist

Episode 223: Kelly McKnight, Orthopedic Surgery Resident

Episode 225: Taylor Ritzel, Content Acquisition at Netflix

Episode 227: Julia Harrington, Corporate Pilot

Episode 230: Christine Mousa, Family Specialist in the Division of Child Protection and Permanency

Episode 233: Amanda LaVergne, Broadway Performer

Episode 235: Kaitie Brown, Walt Disney World Talent Casting Coordinator


Episode 241: JoMarie Flores, Funeral Director

Episode 243: Amy Diallo, Covid-19 Researcher

Episode 246: Ross Altenbaugh, Executive Director of Flagstaff Shelter Services

Episode 250: Grace James, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Atlantic Records

Episode 253: Steph Blozy, Owner of Fleet Feet Sports West Hartford

Episode 256: Vikki Spruill, President & CEO of New England Aquarium

Episode 260: Shelly Mendieta, United States Air Force Colonel


Episode 286: Kimberly Kincaid, Romance Novelist

Episode 289: Michelle La Sala, Race Director

Episode 293: Dr. Monica Verduzco-Gutierrez, Covid-19 Rehabilitation Doctor

Episode 297: Elyse Garza, Flight Attendant

Episode 301: Danae Dracht, Getty Museum Cataloger

Episode 304: Theresa Bradford, Hoka One One Sports Marketing Associate Manager

Episode 306: Jenny Benjamin, Air Traffic Controller


Episode 339: Lynn McGrew, NASA Aerospace Engineer

Episode 343: Liz Lemon, Night Shift ER Nurse

Episode 346: Beth Huang, Director of the Massachusetts Voter Table

Episode 349Victoria Asikis, Food Lawyer

Episode 352: Catherine McNamara, Public Defender

Episode 355: Carla Benton, Book Copy Editor & Proofreader