New York City Marathon Training: Weeks 10 & 11

My first zero-mile weeks. The past two weeks have been rough — on the marathon training front and beyond. Weeks 10 and 11 of New York City Marathon training should’ve been my highest-mileage weeks thus far, but instead I didn’t run a single mile. Not only that, but I didn’t do much of anything. My Crohn’s continues to […]

New York City Marathon Training: Week 9

Well. Things aren’t going so great around here. I’m still sick. This was the first week that I really couldn’t run and that my mileage really fell apart. And on top of the stomach stuff, which has gotten progressively worse, plus the fact that I’m so tired I can barely see what I’m typing right now, I’ve […]

Running With Crohn’s Disease

This week is a cutback week in marathon training. So my long run this week is “only” 13 miles. I woke up early today, got dressed, and spent two whole hours going back and forth to the bathroom. Eventually, I felt like I was OK enough to get out for my run. I made it […]

New York City Marathon Training: Week 7

Going into marathon training, I knew there were two things that could derail even my best efforts at training and racing: an injury or a Crohn’s flare. I am extremely un-thrilled to report that the latter decided to show up during Week 7 of training which, subsequently, became my worst week of training thus far. I […]

New York City Marathon Training: Week 6

This week was pretty status quo as far as training goes. I rode my bike twice, did yoga twice, and hit my highest mileage week so far. I foam rolled more than once (OK, only twice, but still), dealt with a finicky stomach, and executed a solid solo track workout. This week also kicked off a […]

New York City Marathon Training: Week 5

Week 5 of marathon training was a week. It was just…a week. An emotional one, a stressful one, a not-feeling-like-myself one. It was also the first week that I felt like marathon training really started to catch up to me. I was super tired every day, my appetite was off, and even though I got my workouts […]

How To Wake Up For Morning Workouts

“How do you wake up so early to run?” It’s a question I’m asked fairly often. And, as someone who writes about health and fitness, I’ve written the “How to Become a Morning Runner” article more than once. Everyone wants a quick fix or little trick to becoming someone who rises with the sun. (Put […]

The Inaugural Brooklyn Mile Recap

On Sunday, I ran my first-ever mile race — the inaugural Brooklyn Mile! I was irrationally nervous about this race all week. Every time I would go on the race page, I would get a knot in my stomach — the kind of nerves usually reserved for dance competitions, marathons, or the daily 4 PM […]

New York City Marathon Training: Week 4

Hello from the other side of my fourth week of New York City Marathon training! We are officially 12 weeks out from Race Day, which seems…soon. Holy cow. Week 4 marked another really solid week of training for me. My mom was in town visiting from New Hampshire (Mom, come back! I miss you! Ellie […]

New York City Marathon Training: Week 3

Week 3 of New York City Marathon training was great! I loved Week 3! My third week of training consisted of two well-executed (and hard) workouts, a fun long run, and one delicious ice cream cone. I was working at Dance Spirit all week, so I (again) didn’t squeeze in any strength training, but I […]