Ali on the Run Show Episode 10: The Worst Mistakes I’ve Made as a Runner

The Ali on the Run Show Episode 10 The 10 Worst Mistakes I’ve Made as a Runner On this episode, I share my roundup of the worst mistakes I’ve made since I started running in 2008. Show Notes:  10. Wearing the wrong size sports bra. My current favorite running bra is the Brooks UpLift Crossback. […]

Thankful Things Thursday: For The Good Days

I had huge plans for today. I was going to tell you about how I’d just had three mostly great-feeling days in a row, and I was going to tell you about how I went running this morning and stuff. Yay! Well… Slight change of plans. Instead, I’ll tell you about how I really did […]

A Tale Of Two Runs

Yesterday was kind of a rough day for me. Nothing particularly tragic happened, but I felt awful all day, work was sheer madness and I was feeling very overwhelmed. I skipped my morning run in favor of some extra sleep, and I was hoping I’d feel better by the evening so I could squeeze in […]

The Dumb Things I Do

It’s an intriguing title, right? I bet you’re thinking to yourself, “What moronic things has Ali done today?” Don’t worry. There’s a whole list. After a weekend of working, I managed to plow through another work day yesterday with relative ease. I escaped the office right at 5 PM, just in time to make it […]

Work, Run, Eat, Repeat…And Ride

When I was trying to come up with a pithy title for this blog, I did some “inspirational research.” Basically, I looked up a ton of other blogs to see what their clever titles were, hoping something brilliant would pop into my brain. That is called osmosis. Or not. I didn’t do so well in […]

Thankful Things Thursday: On Powering Through

These next few weeks are all about stamina. On the running front, sure. I will need stamina to excel in my training. I like Excel spreadsheets. But also, I will need stamina to get through the crazy work schedule coming up, the social “obligations” and the early morning/late night combos. So much for the whole […]

Filling The Barn

As I tapered for the Hamptons Marathon last year, many people kept repeating the same phrase to me: The hay is in the barn. Personally, I think this phrase is stupid. Hay? Barns? How are these things related to marathon training? And also, WTF are you talking about? But as always, these seasoned runners, triathletes […]

Assembling The Team

As much as running is an individual sport, apparently I cannot actually survive this activity solo. Instead, I require a team on stand-by at all times. I’ve successfully recruited perhaps the most integral member of the team: Coach Cane. With Coach Cane on my team (or I guess I’m on his team, but technicalities are […]

The Plan

Hi! How are you on this Tuesday morning? Good. Great. I’m psyched for you. Now, we could discuss one of two things today: The latest in my Crohn’s flare-up saga, including an update on how yesterday’s doctor appointment went. Running. All those in favor of #2? That’s the correct choice. Running! I’m into Week 2 […]