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remember running blogs?

I still love them! And I’m glad you found mine.


I Am a Marathoner: The Official Hamptons Marathon Recap

The Day I Met Celine Dion

Meet Ellie!

The Mental and Emotional Side of Crohn's Disease

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I started the Ali on the Run blog in October 2010. I’d transitioned from being a competitive dancer to a very recreational runner, and with two half marathons under my belt, I started having dreams of marathon finish lines. Could I really run 26.2 miles? I wasn’t sure, but I knew I wanted to try. So I started the Ali on the Run blog to write about my daily runs. Suddenly, I found myself getting really introspective on the run. I could turn a three-mile slow jog along the East River into an essay about what springtime means to me. Brevity has never really been my thing.

Over the past decade, the blog has evolved as my life has changed. I wrote about training for and running my first marathon. I introduced the world to my “secret boyfriend” — who is now my husband. I wrote about our wedding and our honeymoon. I’ve documented my life with Crohn’s disease. I wrote about getting my dream job as the editor in chief at Dance Spirit magazine, and, a few years later, I shared my decision to leave that job. I wrote about my pregnancy. I introduced my daughter, Annie, and shared her birth story. I documented my postpartum days.

This blog has always been a place for me to reflect on my own experiences and to attempt to make sense of it all — and, most importantly, to connect with people who also love running and everything that comes with it. It’s like my childhood journals, in adult form, and far less private! (And less scandalous. In 1996, I wrote no fewer than a dozen entries about my first kiss in the woods behind my middle school. Scandalous!)

I’m really happy you’re here.

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That Next-Level Happy Run

“How’s your running going?” I knew that question was coming. It’s one Matt, my Ramblings on the Run with Ali & Matt co-host, and I …

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Ali on the Run Show Live in Atlanta + Runners to Watch at the Olympic Marathon Trials

Who else is so hyped on all this Olympic Marathon Trials energy?! I can’t get enough of these stories. For me, it’s not just about …

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Happy Things

February 11

I love February 11. A nothing-special day on the calendar to most people, I’m sure. But for me, February 11 is a life-changing day. Nine …

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Happy Things

Miami! And My First Night Away From Annie!

Hello! I’m happy to be home and reunited with my family, but man did I need that getaway! I spent the weekend in Miami with …

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Happy Things

The 10 Best Parts of My Week

This was such a good week! Did you have a good week?! I am fired up. If you listened to this week’s podcast episode, you …

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Annie 15 Months Baby

Annie Update: 15 Months

I swore I wouldn’t say my child’s age in months after she turned one. (“My daughter is 68 months old!”) But here we are. Generally, …

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about ali

I’m the creator of the Ali on the Run blog and the host of the Ali on the Run Show podcast. I’m also a freelance writer and editor, a race announcer, a runner and marathoner, a mom, and a huge fan of Peanut M&Ms, Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again (way better than the first one!), and reliving my glory days as a competition dancer in the early 2000s. I’m really happy you’re here.
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