Ali Cake & A Health Update

Really, Monday? You had to arrive so soon? I won’t complain because this week is a 4-day work week for me. But I will complain a little bit because, really, I’d like a longer weekend all the time, please. But this weekend was one of my all-time favorites. I ran 12 miles on Saturday. I […]

Family On The Run

Does that make sense? Family on the run? I’m not good at clever titles. I thought about calling this post “That Time My Family Came To NYC & We Enjoyed Some Binge Eating” but that didn’t have the same ring to it. Most weekends the highlight is dominating some sort of long run. Yesterday I […]

Thankful Things Thursday: Being On TV & Jazz Hands

I hope you’re in a good mood today. If you’re not, this post will either perk you up or piss you off. I hope it perks you up. I’m in an excellent mood today. Things are just good. I had a great day yesterday, went to bed in a happy mood and woke up this […]