Ali on the Run Show Episode 72: Liz Plosser, Women’s Health Editor in Chief

Liz Plosser

“This notion of balance is this unrealistic thing we’re all striving toward. If you allow yourself to know that and believe that, it takes some of the pressure off.” —Liz Plosser When you picture an editor in chief of a major women’s magazine, your mind probably goes right to Miranda Priestly of The Devil Wears […]

On Working From Home

A year and a half ago, I decided to pursue a freelance writing career. Freelance writing is lots of things. It’s exciting. It’s scary. It’s hard. It’s fun. It’s 52 different things on any given day. Part of being freelance means working from home most days. I thought I’d write about that today. First, let me […]

A WednesDAY In The Life

Haha. WednesDAY. So this blogging thing. Eesh. I’ve been not awesome about it, which is sad (probably only for me) because I’ve had plenty to share. I’m training for a marathon! I have a coach! I’m the healthiest I’ve been in, oh, three years! I’m pretty happy! But today, I’m here to share with the […]


So here’s something I have been wanting to write for a very long time: I am happy. Not just “I had a good day today!” happy, but more like, “I’ve had a lot of really good days in a row, and last weekend I was literally too excited to sleep and this past weekend my […]


Three years ago, I found myself in a pretty bad place. I was in a relationship that had deteriorated—though I refused to acknowledge the reality of the situation for too long. So I was blindsided when my boyfriend at the time (and, uh, roommate at the time…I had moved into his apartment just three months […]

The Most Valuable Professional Lessons I Have Learned

Today marks my 6-year anniversary at Dance Spirit. I’ll always remember the day I started, because I was living in Connecticut at the time and my mom didn’t like the idea of me commuting into the city on September 10 and then, the next day, on September 11. These six years at the magazine have […]

Thankful Things Thursday: It’s Been A While

Somewhere in between the madness of traveling, working and more working, I’ve seriously neglected the Thankful Things Thursday tradition. But the “holiday” lives on! And today I’m back with plenty of things to be grateful for. So without any pithy stories, let’s get on with it. I’m thankful this marathon taper isn’t making me crazy. […]

Thankful Things Thursday: Yoga Makes Me Feel Better

Hi! Thursdays are great, do you know why? Because tomorrow is Friday. And then we get Saturday, and then Sunday. So if you have any complaints in life today, maybe forget them for a few minutes so we can all enjoy a little rendition of Thankful Things Thursday. The weekend is right around the corner […]

Thankful Things Thursday: A New Year!

OK I’m done with all the “It’s a New Year, resolutions, celebrations, happy, joy, seasons of love!” posts. I swear. I just like that the start of a new year brings a lot of potential and optimism and all that jazz. I haven’t done jazz hands in a while. That’s sad for me. But instead […]

This Week Was Easy

Not only is today Friday, it’s the Friday following an awesome week and it’s the Friday leading up to a mostly plan-free weekend. Life is good, don’t you think? This week has been great, though it’s been a total whirlwind. I was up at 4 am yesterday to catch a flight from Orlando back to […]