11 Things I Loved About Running Around Washington, D.C.

I walked out the door this morning and decided to take my building’s “secret shortcut” to get to the subway. (If you cut through the parking garage instead of leaving through the main entrance, you can shave like 7 seconds off your commute time!) I got to the parking garage exit and — since it […]

Lessons I Learned This Weekend in D.C.

I’m a little shocked I survived the BoltBus ride back to NYC yesterday. The trip took an hour and a half longer than it should have, probably due to the fact that the bus was being violently pelted by raindrops the size of my face. But now I’m back and life has returned to normal. […]

Ali & Emily Sweat All Over The Nation’s Capital

Um, you people really like T-shirts, huh? I am currently swimming in emails, Tweets, Facebook messages and comments from people demanding “I Heart Sweat” shirts. So here’s the deal with the shirts: I was informed over the weekend that the shirts left at JackRabbit are already sold out. That’s good news for me, because it […]

A Divine Day In D.C.

I’m safely back in NYC, relaxing on the couch with sweatpants, a glass of vino and some 16 Handles (duh). When we last “chatted,” I filled you in on all things “National Half Marathon” — click here to read my full recap. I’m definitely sore today, which means I pushed myself yesterday and really went […]

National Half Marathon Recap

It’s crazy that I spent months training for the National Half Marathon — and now it’s over! Here’s how the day went down… I woke up bright and early at 4:30 am. Surprisingly I didn’t feel tired — I was pumped (despite how I looked). I usually shower before races, not to get clean before […]


My full recap of the National 1/2 Marathon will come tomorrow. For now, I’ll update you just to let you know that I not only hit my goal of breaking 2 hours in the race, I also crushed my goal time, coming in at 1 hour 44 minutes and 48 seconds. I felt great the […]

‘Twas The Night Before Race Night

We made it to DC! The bus ride took a bit longer than expected, but with good company I was plenty entertained. Also with a camera and an iPhone. After arriving in DC, our first stop was to the hotel to check in, then straight to the race expo which was pretty underwhelming. The expo […]

National Half Marathon Playlist

Greetings from the interstate! I’m currently on a BoltBus with Ashley and Theodora headed for D.C. The plan once we get there? Run 13.1 miles. Our bus is packed with fellow runners, some of which are running the National 1/2 Marathon, some of which are going for the full marathon and one guy who is […]

A Star-Studded Evening on Broadway

If you take one thing away from this post let it be my strong recommendation to go see The Book of Mormon on Broadway. I was beyond excited when my friend Alex invited me as her Plus One to opening night of this much-hyped show. Her fiance is one of a stage manager, so we […]

Prep Week Check-In

Good morning! I’m running on not enough sleep today due to a late-night work event. I attended a gala at New York University’s Skirball Center, which I had never been to. The venue was gorgeous, and I love anything that brings me to the Washington Square Park area since I get down there so rarely. […]