Thankful Things Thursday: The Difference A Day Makes

Whoa. Today is better than yesterday. How about that? Let’s talk about it in grateful form, because today is Thankful Things Thursday. Yes, happy holidays to you and yours. I’m thankful I feel a little better today. Will it last? Ha. Probably not. But maybe. The whole “my stomach is so full and bulky and […]

Thankful Things Thursday: On Learning To Do What’s Best For Ali

Hehe. So remember yesterday when I wrote about “the night sweats not being too bad” and how I luckily “didn’t totally sweat through my new sheets.” I take it back. I take it all back. Oops. I’m Crohnsier than ever today, and while I’m not thrilled about it, I am willing to focus on all […]

What You Read Isn’t Entirely What You Get

I couldn’t bring myself to blog yesterday. I was too pissed off, angry, frustrated and upset, and I didn’t feel like putting that in a place for the whole world to see. Plus, I didn’t want to write out a whole dramatic little pissy rant, only to calm down an hour later and instantly regret […]

This Is Love

Love was the theme of the weekend. Lack of sleep, traffic, endless hours on the highway and eating were other themes. But let’s go with the love theme, because that one is the most fun to talk about. There was a lot to love about this fantastic May weekend. First there was Friday evening’s SoulCycle […]