Some Likes & Some Dislikes

Good morning! Today is Monday. I know some people dread Mondays. The weekend is over, life is so sad, blah blah whine. I don’t mind Mondays though. Is the weekend over? Yes, yes it is. But was the weekend awesome? Yes, yes it absolutely was. So instead of sitting at my desk today, feeling sad […]

Flying Through The Air With A Mediocre Amount Of Ease

Hello from the highway. I’m headed back to NYC on the lovely Hamptons Jitney right now. It’s this nice little bus where they bring you snacks and bottled water. You may be thinking, “Oh hey, cool, Ali, did you enjoy a nice day on the beach out in the Hamptons? Or perhaps you went out […]

I’m Marathon Obsessed

When August 1 hit, everyone was all, “OMG, it’s already August, I can’t believe it, summer is over, I’m crying sad tears, boo end of summer, wah wah wah.” I do not feel that way. I’m a little surprised that August seemed to arrive so quickly, but I’m fine with it. This summer has been […]