Thankful Things Thursday: I Am Moving To L.A.

Yup. I’m in L.A. and I love it and I want to be here forever. There are palm trees everywhere. This could be my home. OK maybe I’m not moving here just yet. I’m not sure my employer would be cool with the whole, “I’m going to work remotely from the beach and also never […]

Thankful Things Thursday: Relaxed Running Makes Me Feel Great

It’s Thursday! Be thankful! It’s Thursday! Get psyched! My energy these past few days is off the charts. This morning I actually woke up one minute before my alarm was supposed to go off and felt refreshed and ready to run. That hasn’t happened much lately. Lately I’ve been all, “Bed, you are much kinder […]

Thankful Things Thursday: I Refuse To Be Injured

Happy Thursday to you. I’ve been slacking on the blogging front a bit lately because sometimes life just gets in the way. Yesterday, for example, I decided it was more important to lay in a hotel bed for an extra hour rather than writing. Ali On The Do Not Care To Blog. But I’m back […]

Thankful Things Thursday: I Am Dizzy But I Am Happy

Good morning! I missed you yesterday. I was home sick from work, and in true Ali fashion I hardly used my sick day to actually rest. Sometimes I’m so dumb. Instead of laying down and eating grilled cheese sandwiches (my favorite sick day food), I made a gigantic To Do list and tackled it while […]

Thankful Things Thursday: I Love Little Kids Telling Jokes

Hi. I was cranky last night, and usually when I’m cranky at night I can go to bed and by the time I wake up I’ve snapped out of it. That didn’t happen today, though. I woke up still in a funky mood. And that, my friends, is why we have Thankful Things Thursday. So […]

Thankful Things Thursday: My Stomach Won’t Bring Me Down

I had exceptionally high hopes for this glorious Thursday. It didn’t matter if the sun was shining or if my hard-earned vacation tan had already faded: This day was going to be great. But my stomach and I apparently need to get on the same page, because while I was ready to dance my way […]

Thankful Things Thursday: Turks & Caicos Bound!

That’s right. At this time tomorrow, I’ll be on a plane headed to sunny (it had better be sunny there, or I will be so pissed), tropical Turks & Caicos. And with that, let’s kick off today’s edition of Thankful Things Thursday. I’m thankful for English Muffins Pizzas and spinach. Last night’s dinner was, again, […]

Thankful Things Thursday: Happy Thoughts On A Rainy Day

I currently look like I got kicked, punched and then tossed underneath a rapidly flowing waterfall. When it rains in New York City, people get aggressive. The Upper East Side was like a war zone this morning. People get all crazy with their umbrellas and just when you think you’ve found a safe opening on […]

Thankful Things Thursday: A New Year!

OK I’m done with all the “It’s a New Year, resolutions, celebrations, happy, joy, seasons of love!” posts. I swear. I just like that the start of a new year brings a lot of potential and optimism and all that jazz. I haven’t done jazz hands in a while. That’s sad for me. But instead […]

My 2011 Resolutions: Mostly Successful!

I love New Year’s Resolutions. Like seriously adore them. I get to make a bunch of goals in list form — what in the world is better than that? And then I have an entire year to accomplish them. It’s a brilliant concept, really. So how did I do with my 2011 New Year’s Resolutions? […]