“What Did They Have You Do?”

That was the big question everyone was asking me yesterday afternoon. To get you caught up, here are my posts relating to the Jack Rabbit “Run for the Rabbit” competition: First, I applied for the program. Then I found out I made it through the first round of cuts and got a callback. Then I […]

I’m Going Away More Often!

Yes, obviously I wish I could travel more often. I love going on trips, seeing new sights, trying new cuisines and meeting new people. But sometimes, isn’t the best part of going away coming back home? Today, after a 5 am wake-up, a shuttle to the airport, a 5 hour and 21 minute flight and […]

A Long Day, A Great Night

Today seemed to go on forever. I had plenty to do at work, but I think I left my motivation at home. I hate days like that, because they always drag on. I also hit a major slump in the afternoon. I’ll admit it: I ate total crap all day long. Blame it on the […]