Strong Is Sexy

Last night I took a Chisel class at the gym. I hadn’t been to class — or done any quality strength training — for a few weeks. I was convinced all my hard-earned strength would be lost and I envisioned myself begrudgingly downgrading from my 8-pound dumbbells to the 7-pounders. But hey! That didn’t happen! […]

More Hours, Please

I need more hours in the day. Anyone else? Before we get down to business, let me send a huge congratulations to all of yesterday’s inspiring Boston Marathon finishers! I was out of the office all day so I couldn’t watch the coverage live, but I was checking Twitter obsessively on my phone. The girls […]

3 Daily Things

Alright, so maybe I spoke too soon. Maybe I’m not “cured” after all. Within an hour of this morning’s post going up, my nose stuffed up again and I was back to my old hacking ways. Oops. But hey, today was still a good day! Work was productive. Score. My leftover fish was an awesome […]

Kind Words, Sore Calves

I can’t believe tomorrow is already Wednesday! I adore short work weeks. My goal is to be ready for bed by 10 pm, which means I have to make this quick. You know what that means: list making time! Here’s a bit about what went down today: 1. The workday flew by. I was really […]

The Only Thing I Make

If you’re a regular Ali On The Run reader, you’ll notice I don’t do a whole lot of food posting. I don’t cook exciting meals, I don’t bake fancy treats and I don’t (yet) lead a very exciting food life. I’m quite basic, and I don’t vary up my diet a whole lot. That being […]