A Crohn’s Disease Update + What I Learned Being On A Patient Advisory Board

A few weeks ago, I traveled to lovely Willow Grove, PA, to take part in a patient advisory board at Janssen Biotech. Janssen is the company that makes Stelara, the medication I’ve been taking for my Crohn’s disease for about a year now. When the Janssen team first reached out asking if I was interested […]


Yesterday was a really good day. On paper, there was nothing magical about it. It was just a rainy Tuesday in New York City. Except that it was magical, because yesterday was the first day that I felt pretty good all day long. It was the first day in five months that I didn’t have a single […]

Crohn’s Confessions

I initially wrote this post last week, sitting on the couch with an alcohol swab in one hand and a syringe filled with Stelara in the other. I’d had a few tough days in a row — both with my health and in dealing with my doctor’s office — and was due for my first […]

Things That Made Me Smile This Week

Want to smile? So do I. Here are a few things that made me smile this week. This video, which I cannot stop watching. It makes me laugh and cry [happy tears], and the song brings me back to my college-era Moulin Rouge! obsession. Dogs are the best. (H/T to my buddy Kaitlin for sending this one […]

Now What?

Thank you all so much for the incredibly kind and supportive comments about my decision to run the marathon. You make me so very happy. The internet has been an especially tough place lately, but this little corner of it [almost] always makes me feel better about things. So thank you for your love, your […]