Now What?

I started Ali On The Run so I could keep track of my running and my training for whichever races I had coming up. So if I’m taking a little training hiatus, what does that mean on the writing front? It means you’ll read less from Crazy Ali and hopefully a little more from Rational […]

Uncharacteristic Things I Did This Weekend

This weekend was wonderful in all the weirdest ways. Did I do all my usual things, like running and eventually showering and eating a lot? Yes, yes I did. But I also did many other things that are a bit out of character for me. Now I will tell you all about those things. I […]

Reminder: Life Is Not Bad & I Am OK

Last night after work, I dragged myself to a yoga class at my gym. I debated whether or not to get all yogafied (evil red squiggly line, stop trying to tell me that’s not a word, because it is) for a good 30 minutes. Getting there was a struggle. I kept picturing myself on my […]

Thankful Things Thursday: I Love Little Kids Telling Jokes

Hi. I was cranky last night, and usually when I’m cranky at night I can go to bed and by the time I wake up I’ve snapped out of it. That didn’t happen today, though. I woke up still in a funky mood. And that, my friends, is why we have Thankful Things Thursday. So […]

The Things I’m Doing To Become A Better, Stronger, Faster Runner

I attempted a speedwork session this morning. The plan was to follow an old workout Coach Cane used to give me when I was training for the Hamptons Marathon: 1 mile warm-up 1 mile at 5K pace (or sub-8:00, whatever we’re working with here) .3 mile recovery jog 1 mile at 5K pace .3 mile […]

Thankful Things Thursday: My Stomach Won’t Bring Me Down

I had exceptionally high hopes for this glorious Thursday. It didn’t matter if the sun was shining or if my hard-earned vacation tan had already faded: This day was going to be great. But my stomach and I apparently need to get on the same page, because while I was ready to dance my way […]

The Problem With Wanting To Do It All

I’ve never been one to take the mediocre route. If someone asks me to make a dessert for a party, I’m going to make two desserts, and I’m going to make massive batches of each. (No one ever asks me to make anything other than a dessert. People who know me know better.) If my […]

Gym Pet Peeves

First, let me show you my dinner from last night, because I am a ridiculously talented chef. That’s right. While some of you were whipping up chickens or pastas or chia seeded oatmeals, I made English Muffin Pizzas, side of Brussels sprouts. Oh, you want the recipe? Sure. Brussels Sprouts: Cut up sprouts. Wash them […]

Thankful Things Thursday: Happy Thoughts On A Rainy Day

I currently look like I got kicked, punched and then tossed underneath a rapidly flowing waterfall. When it rains in New York City, people get aggressive. The Upper East Side was like a war zone this morning. People get all crazy with their umbrellas and just when you think you’ve found a safe opening on […]

Learning To Manage My Stress

When I was in high school, I would stress over everything. I wanted straight As in school, I wanted to be part of — or in charge of — every club possible and I spent my nights and weekends at the dance studio, trying to be the best I could there. I took on as […]