Can Vs. Should

I want to race. I want to approach a start line feeling like, as Coach Cane used to put it, a caged animal. I want to gut it out over the course of 3, 13.1 or 26.2 miles. I want to run a marathon in less than four damn hours. I want to give it […]

15 Random (Useless) Facts This Friday

I have some thoughts today that I’d like to share, but I can’t seem to find a way to make them all cohesively blend together into one big “cue the Full House end-of-episode music, it’s time to learn a lesson” theme. So instead, I will give you the classic move of making a list and […]

Change Of Address

Oh you thought you were sick of my sunrise photos before? Well I have a new home, and now I wake up to this: I’m a little bit obsessed. Waking up is fun! So, I moved this weekend. I’m all Cloud Niney today, which is a term used to describe “happiness and also a lack […]

Ending The Week On A High Note With A List

Today was my last day commuting from my apartment to my office — with a pit stop at the gym for a little spinning and butt exercising. More on that momentarily. For the past year and a month-ish, I have lived by myself and I have loved every day of it. I loved the freedom. […]

I Am Strained But Not Injured

Good morning! I’m giddy today. I know. Giddy, again. And this time I don’t think it’s the steroids getting me all hopped up on life. In fact, I’m tapering down on those things. After two weeks of the most ridiculous mood swings, sleepless nights and a constant fear that Brian was going to leave me […]

Running Is My Drug & I Am Super High

Don’t do drugs. You don’t need them. Just run, and then you’ll be all high and stuff. I flew through this weekend in a slight funk, alternating between wicked fun times (spinning! packing! Home Depot!)… …and dramatic, whiny lows (um, not running — at all). So when I went to bed last night, expecting a […]

Making A Bad Day A Good Day (Plus A Very Sweaty Giveaway!)

I woke up this morning with the sun, and by “the sun” I mean “my stomach went ape shit at 5 AM, long before the sun rose, and so I got up.” Good morning and Happy Friday! Or should that say “happy morning and Good Friday?” Also Passover. So today started the same way yesterday […]

Thankful Things Thursday: The Steroids Aren’t Fun Anymore!

I really don’t want to be thankful today. I know, that’s not normal. I freakin’ love being thankful and grateful and being all “yay to the beauty of the world!” But today, I don’t feel normal. I feel like, in the past 24 hours, my body has gone through some sort of Wizard of Oz: […]

On Being Full-Out

Today we are going to talk about being “full-out,” which is not to be confused with “Full House.” Because in real life, going full-out means being balls-to-the-wall and, as my spin instructor this morning said, “not bullshitting it.” (I wanted to make that the title of this post, but I thought my mom might be […]

On The Road To Recovery At Marathon Goal Pace

HELLO AND WELCOME TO THE BEST DAY EVER. All caps = Internet yelling = I am saying something of the utmost importance. Yesterday was not the best day ever. Yesterday it took me two hours to get out of bed because of the whole stomach pain thing. I was quite literally doubled over and miserable. […]