Race Photos Are Here!

Just when I thought my National Half Marathon fever had subsided, I came home to the email that the race photos had arrived. Yay! I never usually get decent running shots, so I’m thrilled that I actually got some OK ones this time around. Here are some screen shots, though I do fully intend to […]

I Feel Famous

We survived Monday! High fives all around! Today flew by because I was so busy. After work I scooted up to the gym for a Chisel class (not too many squats today, yay!) and some Spinning. Mondays are normally one of my favorite spin classes, but today’s just felt a bit off. Maybe because the […]

The Monday Rundown

Today flew by. Here’s what I remember happening… 1. Work was ridiculously busy, a little bit stressful and very productive. I love when you can leave at the end of the day knowing you crossed a bunch of things off your To Do list. 2. My lunch was boring (Lean Cuisine Garlic Chicken Pizza), but […]

My Therapy

For many people, seeing a therapist is incredibly beneficial. Trust me, I’m not going to knock that. But as long as I have sneakers and I sports bra, I don’t think I’ll be shelling out a copay to chat with someone on a couch. Maybe that’s because I basically suck at talking about my feelings. […]

Kind Words, Sore Calves

I can’t believe tomorrow is already Wednesday! I adore short work weeks. My goal is to be ready for bed by 10 pm, which means I have to make this quick. You know what that means: list making time! Here’s a bit about what went down today: 1. The workday flew by. I was really […]

Thankful Things Thursday: Back To Being Happy

Regular happy posting will resume…now! Thanks for all the love and happy thoughts the past few days. It’s been an exhausting week, but I’m moving forward with it — in honor of Thankful Things Thursday. Also, your comments on yesterday’s “hair washing” discussion were fantastic. I’m thinking maybe I should up the shampoo and conditioning […]

Pictures Of Things I Like

These past few days have been a little weird. When I’m upset, there are a few things that cheer me up. Music is definitely one of those things, and lately I’ve been listening to all of my new and old favorites. A good workout sometimes helps and serves as a healthy distraction. Tonight I took […]

I’m Not A Cute Runner

Oh my. Thanks, Brightroom Event Photography, for your fantastic skills capturing my beauty during this weekend’s Gridiron Classic in Central Park. That’s mean. I shouldn’t blame the photographers. They do a great job. When I’m running — especially when I’m racing — I don’t care much about having my photo taken. During the Gridiron, I […]

A Weekend To-Do List

Happy Weekend! I am so, so happy it’s Saturday. This week took a major toll on me. Naturally I didn’t let myself sleep in today, but I’m thinking an afternoon nap might be in my very near future. Last night ABS and I went out with our friend Roper (yup, the one who helped me […]

Pump Me Up Playlist

Aside from the Turkey Trot I ran with my family in November, it’s been almost a year since my last race! One of my favorite things about racing is creating a new playlist for the occasion. On Sunday, I’m running the New York Road Runners Gridiron Classic 4 Mile race. I’m also planning on tacking […]