My Happiness Hat Trick

When you’re sick, weekends suck. It’s not like, “Oh, sweet, it’s the weekend, I can get lots of rest and feel better by the time the workweek returns on Monday!” No, not at all. Instead, being sick on the weekend means being stuck inside, in most cases, doing nothing (or doing everything…in the bathroom, at […]

It’s OK To Indulge During The Holidays

Last night after work I attempted to get some quality Christmas shopping taken care of. I headed to the Columbus Circle Holiday Markets, which is one of my favorite city spots this time of year. (Hint to city shoppers: The Columbus Circle shops are usually far less crowded than the Union Square ones and they […]

Thankful Things Thursday: On Good Food, Central Park Running & Living Alone

Happy Thursday! Today I present to you another round of being all giddy and thankful for the great things in life we don’t always acknowledge. It’s Thankful Things Thursday, and it’s a holiday because I say so. Onward! I’m thankful I got outside last night. I’ve brought lunch to work most days this week, which […]

Thankful Things Thursday: Making A Bad Day Good

I woke up this morning ridiculously happy for many reasons: I had a great night last night that was equal parts fun and productive. I painted my toenails, baked a dessert for this weekend, cleaned and put together my new (used) coffee table, and then I had dinner and drinks with a friend. I wasn’t […]

Memorial Day Weekend 2011

Um…Can every weekend be a long weekend? Everything about the past few days has been perfect. Since we last caught up, I’ve been to 16 Handles… I’ve been to Brooklyn… …and — surprise, Mom! — I’ve been to New Hampshire. It’s been a whirlwind weekend, but here’s a bit more about why it was so […]

I Don’t Know How To Relax On The Weekend

I am heartbroken that this weekend is almost over. It’s been a weekend I needed, though, filled with a tough race, some quality gym time, yummy food (Chinese for dinner, oh yes), a good amount of sleep and lots of Ali time. After yesterday’s double morning session involving the UAE Healthy Kidney 10K and a […]

Ali On The Rest

I’m actually taking a rest day. Is everyone happy now? After yesterday’s humbling running experience, I knew that — as much as I hate taking days off — a rest day was in order. Thank you all for your supportive comments yesterday. I know that one of my major flaws is that I push myself […]

“What Did They Have You Do?”

That was the big question everyone was asking me yesterday afternoon. To get you caught up, here are my posts relating to the Jack Rabbit “Run for the Rabbit” competition: First, I applied for the program. Then I found out I made it through the first round of cuts and got a callback. Then I […]

L.A. Play Day

It was so nice having today off to enjoy some of the Los Angeles sunshine. The temperatures were in the 80s by mid-morning and I even got a teeny tiny suntan on my chest. Here’s a bit about how the day went… I woke up — sans alarm — at 7:30 am. I had assumed […]