To The Races

Summer is over. This is what I have to show for it: I went to the beach zero times, I went in zero pools, and I didn’t take little weekend vacations beyond going to Brian’s bike races. I don’t know how it happened, but somehow I only have two hard weeks of training left before […]

I Found That Loving Feeling

It was only for a moment, but it’s not yet a fleeting thing. Last night, I planned to run. Really. I was going to leave work, head home, suit up and head out. But then, I lost the little bit of enthusiasm I was holding onto after a long day at the office. So instead, […]

The Break I Needed

Was yesterday my Dream Day? Well, that depends how you define “Dream Day.” If your Dream Day includes being super healthy, eating wholesome, nutritious foods, spending quality time with your family and going for a luxuriously long run, then no, yesterday was not that day. However, if your Dream Day includes taking a crucial step […]