The Usual

Last night I wrote about how I’ve been stressed to the max. One thing that definitely helps ease stress — whether it’s over something life-changing or tiny and tedious — is sticking with a regular routine. This morning I woke up at my usual time (5:30). I did my usual ab routine (200 varied crunches). […]

Returning To The Routine

Mondays in general aren’t necessarily the most fun days. But Mondays following awesome long weekends are particularly rough. I’d much rather be sitting on my couch catching up on missed DVR (while wearing my new race medal, of course) than sitting at the office. Oh well! If you’re getting caught up, here’s what you missed […]

Little Victories

Um, did anyone else’s workday fly by today? Maybe just mine, since I was out of the office last Friday and then we had yesterday off. My day was wonderfully productive, despite being sidelined twice by long meetings. (And despite my initial crankiness due to the weather preventing me from running this morning.) After work, […]

I Survived My First Day!

Well, so far at least. As productive as ABS and I were all weekend, there was (and is) still so much to be done at the apartment! We got to bed fairly early last night and, as predicted, I didn’t sleep very well. I knew I’d be giddy in the morning, with a new running […]