Ali on the Run Show Episode 10: The Worst Mistakes I’ve Made as a Runner

The Ali on the Run Show Episode 10 The 10 Worst Mistakes I’ve Made as a Runner On this episode, I share my roundup of the worst mistakes I’ve made since I started running in 2008. Show Notes:  10. Wearing the wrong size sports bra. My current favorite running bra is the Brooks UpLift Crossback. […]

Keeping Running Fun (There’s A Giveaway!)

Running. What a roller coaster. (I always want roller coaster to be one word.) (I also always want to ride roller coasters when I should be doing work.) (I also also sometimes worry that roller coasters are not safe at all, and think that people should definitely not ride them.) (And amusement parks are too […]

Ali On The Rest

I’m actually taking a rest day. Is everyone happy now? After yesterday’s humbling running experience, I knew that — as much as I hate taking days off — a rest day was in order. Thank you all for your supportive comments yesterday. I know that one of my major flaws is that I push myself […]