Zero Week: Eight Days Not On The Run

Greetings from my office for the morning! It’s my second time getting my Remicade infusion at Mount Sinai and I’ve already got the Benadryl in me. These next few hours with the IV should be a sleepy breeze. My plan was to wake up this morning and run before I came to the hospital, but […]


Are you ready to read a slightly grouchy post? Because that’s what you’re about to get. Well. I’ll start with some good stuff. How does that sound? Yesterday was an excellent day. The photo shoot with the Refine Method girls went really well and I’m psyched about featuring them in the February issue of Dance […]

Last Workout of 2010!

I’m going out with a sweat this year. Honestly, this whole year has been pretty hardcore as far as fitness goes. I’ve run. I’ve run a lot. I’ve run faster than I thought I could run and I’ve run longer distances than I thought I could ever run. I’ve tried new classes at the gym […]

A REFINED Start to My Weekend

OK, I know. My pun is super lame. Obviously the point I’m getting to is that tonight I took my second Refine Method class with Brynn Jinnett! First, let me tell you a bit about my day, because it was a good one. Mostly because I got an awesome lunch from my true love: Sorry […]

Ali & ABS vs. The Snooze Button

ABS and I both set our alarms for 5:45 am (give or take) each morning. If I’m hoping to do a longer run, it’s 5:30. A shorter run calls for 6 am. But lately neither of us have been racing out of bed in the morning. We’ve mastered the art of the Snooze button. I […]

The Refine Method Class Review

Tonight, thanks to Dori over at Dori’s Shiny Blog, I had the pleasure of taking a Refine Method class with the fabulous Brynn Jinnett. But before I get to that, a quick recap of my day: 5:30 am wakeup = success! Morning ab workout = success! 6.4 mile run in Central Park = cold, success! […]

Fun Fall Fitness

I’m so excited because I have a few fun fitness-y things to look forward to in the next few weeks. First, I’m finally taking my first hot yoga class! Pure Yoga in NYC is offering free classes this weekend—Happy Thanksgiving, yogis!—and I was lucky enough to secure a spot in the Saturday afternoon Hot Power […]