Fridays With Ellie: The Happiest Puppy Around

This has been a week, I’ll tell ya. Everything is fine and dandy and jazz hand-y, it’s just been a bit busy and a lot stressful. (Telltale signs of stress, no matter how much I try to deny it and claim I’m just so totes excitingly busy: My sexy scalp psoriasis is flaring in a major […]

Fridays With Ellie: Spay Day

We brought Ellie in to get spayed this morning. I’M FINE. I cried when they took her away from me and led her back into the procedure room, and then I did what I do best: walked across the street and ate a Nutella crepe. (I walked up to the counter and ordered “the usual,” […]

What I’ve Been Up To Lately (Spoiler: Packing!)

Hello! Do you remember me?! A few weeks ago, I ran into some big-time blog issues. Turns out, for the past six years, I haven’t been properly resizing my photos, and I basically blew up my server. My blog is now the size of the entire NSA archives. It’s still a work in progress (one […]

Fridays With Ellie: All Puppy Pictures, All The Time

No words today, just puppy pictures. OK, maybe a few words. Happy latest edition of “Fridays With Ellie!” It’s been a mighty long week, but we’ve just about made it to the weekend. Hooray! Mine will include a run at some point, a trip to the dog park, and a much-needed massage (I checked and apparently […]

Fridays With Ellie

It’s been a long, crazy week around here. Last Saturday, our sweet little puppy hopped her front paws onto our [way too low] coffee table, where a [full] glass of water was conveniently situated next to my [open and on] laptop. That’s the short story of how my sweet, once reliable 2010 Macbook Pro died an instantaneous, […]

A Very Ellie Update

Well…this was bound to happen. This may as well be Ellie On The Run at this point. But since I take 600 photos of Ellie a day and exercise serious restraint by only posting one or two per day, I thought, “Hey, why not share a bunch here for the two people who are just dying […]

Meet Ellie!

On Sunday afternoon, I went for a run. Then I came home with a puppy! Meet Ellie! Brian and I were not planning to get a dog this weekend or anytime soon. If you’ve read this blog for more than 12 seconds — or you’ve ever seen me at my most excited in Central Park or […]