Everything About Today Will Be Great

It’s Friday, and that’s just the first reason today is going to be a stellar day leading into a phenomenal weekend. Positivity, people. Embrace it. This week went by really quickly for me. It was productive, it included some great workouts and it included quality time with great people. Unfortunately, this weekend also proved to […]

Brooklyn Half Marathon Recap

I wish I could tell you all that today’s race was perfect and wonderful and that I have a shiny new PR. Sorry. That’s not the recap you’re getting. Today’s race was my roughest one yet — but rest assured, you’re about to get all the lovely details. Porta Potties are involved. Last night I […]

I Wish I Would Have Known…

Friday! It’s here! Thank God. I’d love to say I’m looking forward to a low key, relaxing weekend, but that’s hardly the case. I’m running the Brooklyn Half Marathon tomorrow! I’ve never done this race before and I’m excited to run in another borough for the first time. I’m also looking forward to running my […]

Healthy Kidney 10K Recap

I ran a 10K in Central Park this morning. My stomach didn’t explode during the race. That’s good. I wore hot pink. That’s also good. I came out of the race with a new 10K PR. Definitely good, right? (Even though it was only my second 10K ever.) But I’m not quite sure I’d consider […]

5 Fun Friday Things

That is pretty much the most clever title I can come up with today: 5 Fun Friday Things. I guess I just like alliteration, and I’m admittedly not feeling very clever or creative today. Alliteration, admittedly… Clever, creative… Like I said, I like word patterns. Anyway. Today is Friday the 13th, which means absolutely nothing […]

Give Me Your Marathon Advice

Good morning! I can’t believe I’m already back at the office. This weekend felt like it lasted about two seconds. In case you unplugged for the weekend, here’s what you missed in Ali On The Run land: I announced that I was selected as a finalist in JackRabbit’s Run For The Rabbit competition. I have […]

NYRR 4 Mile Race Recap

What a whirlwind couple of days it’s been. Yesterday was amazing. I got to announce to the world that I am a finalist in the Run For The Rabbit competition! The press conference was a blast and I already love Coach Cane and the other five finalists. I’ll be writing about my Hamptons Marathon training […]

Thankful For Yoga

Last week, when Thankful Things Thursday rolled around, I wondered if people were eventually going to get tired of the “holiday.” But today’s comments blew me away! Seems as though being thankful just once a week is a hit, and I love you all for participating. My day was further brightened when I sucked it […]

Marathon Envy

Today is the Boston Marathon. You know that by now, right? Well, I’m obsessed. I wish I could be in Boston today cheering on all of the amazing, inspiring runners. I never thought twice about the Boston Marathon until this year. Up until a few months ago, I had no desire to even run a […]

Spring! Spring Is Here!

Good morning! It’s a lovely misty but warm morning in New York City and I’m feeling good going into a new week. Well. That’s kind of a lie. I’m still feeling sick, actually, and I’ve taken cold medicine and allergy medicine hoping to rid my body of this cough, but neither have helped. Despite my […]