Welcome, Spring!

Good morning! It’s officially spring, and although the sun isn’t out and the air isn’t warm, I’m still excited to know that nicer days are on the way. This weekend we definitely got a glimpse of the changing seasons. If you missed out on anything, here’s how I spent the past few days: I stayed […]

Entering Race Day Mode

The countdown is on! In less than one week, I will be traveling to D.C. to run the National 1/2 Marathon. Despite the fact that I’ve been sick for the past week, I’m getting totally pumped for the trip and for the race. When I first signed up for this race, I set two goals […]

How I Sabotaged My Own Run

Today’s long run was really, really difficult for me. In all honesty, I blame myself for many of the factors that led to today’s confidence shaker. My initial plan/hope was to run 12 miles. As you know, I’m training for the National 1/2 Marathon, which is on March 26. When I woke up this morning […]

The Wrong Side of the Bed

Uh oh. I woke up craaaaanky today. For some reason I can’t shake my bad mood. Why so glum, you ask? Well, for lots of petty reasons, actually. I set my alarm to get up and run this morning — then blew it off. At 5:30 am I felt well rested and started to get […]

To Become a Road Runner…

Today has been mostly — OK, totally — awesome. Why, you ask? I’ll tell you. In list form, of course. Because that’s how I roll. I slept in! I didn’t get out of bed until 6:30 am (ahem, that’s a full hour beyond when I normally get up) because I didn’t have to run today. […]

Let Training Season Begin!

Good morning! As I mentioned briefly in yesterday’s post, I’m registered for a race! Until last week, I only had one race scheduled for 2011: The Colon Cancer 15K in Central Park. I basically signed up for that race so I could still do something in lieu of not getting into the NYC 1/2 Marathon, […]