40 Days To Personal Revolution: Final Recap

“Waste zero time beating yourself up for what you haven’t accomplished. It’s pointless.” I put off writing this post because I haven’t really wanted to acknowledge that the 40 Days to Personal Revolution program has ended. I tried to convince Bethany that I actually signed up for a program called 120 Days to Personal Revolution, […]

40 Days To Personal Revolution: Week 1

I don’t know how to not make these posts super long without breaking them into seven parts. I’m sorry. I love you so much. Documenting the challenge is fun for me so I can get all my thoughts out and then can look back on the posts at the end. (Narcissism.) But if there’s anything […]

Misty Morning Run

I went to bed last night knowing it would probably be raining when I woke up. And it was—drizzling, at least. But that didn’t stop me from lacing up my shoes and wearing my “rain appropriate” running clothes. Whenever it rains, I wear my NYC 1/2 Marathon dry-fit shirt. It’s more breathable when it gets […]