Going Easier On Myself

I blew off spinning tonight. Even though my favorite teacher was teaching, and even though I’m sure I would have felt great afterward. Truth be told, I just wasn’t into it. I rarely give in to that feeling, but today I did. I hadn’t eaten much all day — my appetite has been M.I.A. lately […]

Saturday Morning Butt Kicking

After more than 8 glorious hours of sleep last night, my body woke up naturally at 7 am today. I felt rested and ready to attack the weekend — starting with a killer workout with Ashley at Equinox. As usual, I was super-early, so I walked around Madison Square Park for a bit, which is […]

I Survived the Red Eye

I’m getting ready for a much-needed afternoon snooze—and I think I deserve it! My flight back from Utah was pretty uneventful. The highlight was the 6-month-old boxer puppy who was on board. Everyone was cooing over the little guy. So precious. While I waited for the flight to board (for six hours—seriously) I watched Dear […]