On Garmin-Free Running

After the Las Vegas Half Marathon, I went on and on about how I was discouraged with racing. My brain wanted to go fast, but my legs couldn’t keep up. How dare they not work in perfect harmony, right? Rude. I never lost my love for running — that wasn’t the problem. I friggin’ love […]

Thankful Things Thursday: Getting Out Of Town

Today is Thursday! Tomorrow I fly away. I like dinosaurs. Because why not start your day with a haiku? As my poem stated, today is Thursday, and in The Land of Ali (not a real place), that means it’s Thankful Things Thursday. It’s also the first day of December, so say your “Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit” […]

My Las Vegas Half Marathon Playlist

The scene: Ali’s apartment. 5 am Wednesday morning. The window is open, letting a brisk breeze into the bedroom. (I say “bedroom” as if there’s more than one room in my apartment, but let’s get real here, it’s a studio, and my “bedroom” is just the side of the room the bed happens to be […]

The Reason I’m Running The Las Vegas Half

I leave for Las Vegas in four days. I’ve been excited about this trip for a long time. Not only will I be running the Las Vegas Half Marathon on Sunday evening (attempting to PR — have I mentioned that?), I’ll also be out there with my nice friend Brian — it’s his half marathon […]

I’m Ready To Taper

Hello! It’s been a while. You know what was awesome about the Thanksgiving break? Spending time with my family and not feeling the need to document every minute of my trip. I love blogging, but this weekend I also really loved not blogging. I kept plenty busy while I was in New Hampshire. I Turkey […]

I’m Excited About Not Feeling Sick Anymore

I’m all hopped up on running this week! This morning I set out for six miles and they were glorious. It was raining. It was dark. It was bathroom-stop-free. That’s my fourth great run in a row! I know this is so lame, but I can’t get over how good it feels to leave my […]

My Upcoming Race Goals

All I want to do in life is talk about running and make lists and goals. Yesterday on my way to get Remicade, I snagged a seat on the crosstown bus and started typing out my 2012 Resolutions. I’m pretty pumped about them. They’re good. I always thrive when I have a plan. I like […]

Give Me Your Mantras

I was a brat yesterday. I can admit that. I’m not proud of my pissy little blog post. I’m over it today. Yay! Thanks for talking some sense into me, friends. I really do appreciate it. I was all bent out of shape because oh no, I had a run that was kind of difficult. […]


Are you ready to read a slightly grouchy post? Because that’s what you’re about to get. Well. I’ll start with some good stuff. How does that sound? Yesterday was an excellent day. The photo shoot with the Refine Method girls went really well and I’m psyched about featuring them in the February issue of Dance […]

Racing Scares Me

I have always said that I love running, but I don’t love racing. So why am I signed up for the Las Vegas Half Marathon again? And a handful of other races before the year is over? Racing is fun, sure. I like the energy on race day. I like the pre-race nerves I get. […]