Ali on the Run Show Episode 86: What’s New With You Week with Kara Goucher

Kara Goucher

“I don’t think I’ll ever retire. If something motivates me, I want to go for it.” —Kara Goucher Kara Goucher is back on the Ali on the Run Show, talking about her new book, Strong, how keeping a confidence journal changed her life, and where her running career is at right now. She also talks about the […]

Ali on the Run Show Episode 48: Sally Bergesen, CEO & Founder of Oiselle

Sally Bergesen

The Ali on the Run Show Episode 48 Guest: Sally Bergesen Listen on iTunes I SoundCloud I Overcast I Stitcher I Google Play Sally Bergesen is the founder and CEO of Oiselle, a women’s athletic apparel company now celebrating its 10th year in business. On this episode, Sally shares the “oh shit” and “oh no” moments that led her to create Oiselle, and talks […]

Ali on the Run Show Episode 43: Kara Goucher

The Ali on the Run Show Episode 43 Guest: Kara Goucher Listen on iTunes I SoundCloud I Overcast I Stitcher I Google Play Kara Goucher is a professional distance runner with loads of podiums, medals, and titles under her Oiselle-sponsored belt. She lives in Boulder, CO, with her husband, Adam, and their 7-year-old son, Colt (plus their cat, Ellie, and their rescue pup, Freya), […]

Working Out With Kara Goucher At Mile High Run Club

Hi from jury duty! I had a mini meltdown leaving Ellie this morning (it’s my first day away from her since the day we brought her home in December) and I’ve already plowed through all of my snacks (it’s 11:41 AM), but so far the day has been easy and productive. They called 60 people […]

What Goes Through My Head During A 20-Mile Run

The scene: Saturday, Ali and Brian’s apartment. It is dark outside. 6 AM: My alarm goes off. Apparently I hit snooze. My bad. 6:40 AM: I wake up. I realize I didn’t hit snooze but rather hit “off.” It’s fine. What’s the rush, anyway? 6:45 AM: I realize my stomach hurts. Not Crohnsy hurts, just […]

Act Like An Olympian

I imagine you will recite the title of this post to the tune of “Walk Like An Egyptian.” I know you probably didn’t know this because there hasn’t been any news coverage, Twitter chatting or blog posting about it yet, but tonight is the kickoff — “Opening Ceremonies” if we’re being formal, which we always […]