Long Weekend Time!

Gotta make this quick because I’ve got a date with the girls: There we are in Mexico—nice and tan! Today went by pretty quickly. I stayed busy, hustled up to the gym for Angel’s Tesuto class (blah, too many squats) then cruised home. And here I am! I took tomorrow off so that I can […]


This weekend was good to me. In case you missed any of it: I ate an awesome meal and saw The Nutcracker on Friday. I went for a long run and saw an inflatable Snoopy on Saturday. I also visited with some hometown friends and checked out the tree at Rockefeller Center. I slept in […]

Ali is on the RUN!

This day is flying by and it’s been productive, stressful, crazy and awesome! I’m breaking my “Do Not Blog at Work” rules for a quick update, because I needed to take a little breather. It felt so good to get into bed early last night. ABS and I were tucked in by 8:45 pm! We […]