Last Workout of 2010!

I’m going out with a sweat this year. Honestly, this whole year has been pretty hardcore as far as fitness goes. I’ve run. I’ve run a lot. I’ve run faster than I thought I could run and I’ve run longer distances than I thought I could ever run. I’ve tried new classes at the gym […]

Santa, Lend Me Your Elves!

I could really use their help! Even though today is a “vacation day” for me, I still got up at 7:30 am — it’s going to be a busy one today, kids! After a fun night out last night at Park Avenue Tavern (food was meh, drinks were yum, atmosphere was fun—take note that it’s […]

Sunday Funday

Good morning! Yesterday during my run in Central Park, I stopped to chat with some of my Team Challenge friends who were just finishing up a 12-mile training run in preparation for the Las Vegas Rock N Roll 1/2 Marathon in a few weeks. My friend Jess had this little munchkin with her: O.M.G. His […]

Hot Yoga for the Win!

I seriously had a knot in my stomach all day today because I was so nervous about trying hot yoga for the first time. Turns out, knot not necessary. I loved it! I took a Hot Power Yoga class at Pure Yoga, which is conveniently located just a few blocks from my apartment. I got […]

A Change in Pace

It’s Saturday morning at 9:30 and I haven’t gone running yet. I haven’t showered. I haven’t made my To Do list. In fact, I just got up. Amazing. For the past year, I’ve been setting my alarm on Saturday and Sunday mornings. ABS has kind of despised me for it, but I’ve loved waking up […]

What the Doctor Ordered

I’m not at work. I used to feel incredibly guilty taking sick days. Despite the fact that I get seven of them every year, I usually only go through two or three. I tend to get stressed about not being in the office. What can I say? It’s the control freak in me. But when […]

Fun Fall Fitness

I’m so excited because I have a few fun fitness-y things to look forward to in the next few weeks. First, I’m finally taking my first hot yoga class! Pure Yoga in NYC is offering free classes this weekend—Happy Thanksgiving, yogis!—and I was lucky enough to secure a spot in the Saturday afternoon Hot Power […]