Fueling Fears

It’s no secret that I love — nay, adore — food. In my world, the basic food groups are trail mix, hummus, spinach, pasta, fish, pad thai, Brussels sprouts and 16 Handles. It’s a pretty solid diet. All those foods are great friends with Crohn’s Disease, so it works out quite well for me. But […]

Lessons I Learned This Weekend in D.C.

I’m a little shocked I survived the BoltBus ride back to NYC yesterday. The trip took an hour and a half longer than it should have, probably due to the fact that the bus was being violently pelted by raindrops the size of my face. But now I’m back and life has returned to normal. […]

Sweet 16

I did it! This morning, I made 16 miles my bitch. OK, that’s not totally true. In fact, those 16 miles sort of made me their bitch. But I got through those miles and ended today’s run — a new personal distance record — with a giant smile on my face. I took today off […]