HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 2 Giveaway!

I don’t remember when I went for my last run. I probably have it written down somewhere, but I know looking at it and seeing just how long it’s been will make me sad. What I don’t know can’t hurt me quite as much. So yeah. I’m still sick. Crohnsing hard. I’ve been to the […]

I Finally Tried Blue Apron!

I think I am officially the last person in the world to jump on the Blue Apron bandwagon. But I finally tried the food delivery service and I loooooved it. You would think that since I’ve gone freelance I would make time to grocery shop and prepare luscious meals for myself and my husband-to-be. Instead, […]

“I Heart Sweat” Shirt Giveaway Winners

A [much much] longer post is on the way with all kinds of information about my life, like how sometimes after I give myself Humira shots I can’t really breathe for the rest of the day, but also happy things like how I had a few days of feeling mostly decent. In the meantime, because […]

Embrace The Sweat (An “I Heart Sweat” Shirt Giveaway!)

I’m glad I got to write two ultra-happy posts in a row, because since then things have begun to deteriorate. Again. The past week has been a rough one filled with many many embarrassingly frantic bathroom runs (shout-outs to the Starbucks on 96th Street, the tennis court bathrooms in Central Park, the tennis court bathrooms […]

Take My Sweat (It’s A Giveaway & It’s Not Gross)

Do you know what I want so badly right now? I want to use my damn mango soap. Back in June, I was interviewed by Women’s Running magazine (no, I don’t know why they wanted to talk to me, either — probably because 8:30 miles are the new “elite” status), and the nice ego-boosting people […]

Monday. 9 AM. Get Sweaty. (And For Now: A Giveaway!)

Don’t say I didn’t give you advance notice. Same deal as before. Same colors. Same prices. Same sizes. Same website. Same “women’s shirts run small so order accordingly.” Monday, June 18. 9 AM. Get your sweat ready. This will be your last chance for a while. Any questions? Oh, you want one now? Sure, I’m […]

All I Needed Was A Long Weekend

Tyler says hi. At this time last week, I was a bit of a mess. I was Crohnsing hard, I couldn’t really eat and my night sweating had nothing to do with humidity. My fever climbed well into the 100-degree range and what was happening in the bathroom every five minutes was, well, disgusting. But […]

My Trick For Snapping Out Of An Injury-Induced Funk (Plus A Giveaway!)

We’ll get to the giveaway part in a minute. Here’s a hint: It’s food. But first I’m going to tell you some stories about how I did not get taken off the injured list overnight. I hate waking up and hitting Snooze. When I could run, I never used the fancy little Snooze function on […]

Ali On The Ride (Plus A Legwarmer Giveaway!)

OMG hi. Today, I rode a bike. Not a spin bike. A real bike, with those curly-looking handlebars and real gears that shift. It was awesome. I hope you are prepared to hear every single detail about my morning ride. So remember on Monday when the hip/knee/shin/cholera doctor told me that maybe I should chill […]