I Suck At Yoga But I’m Good At Eating

Summer Friday! I only have to work until 1! I’m wearing a pink dress! With stains on it! This week freakin’ flew by. Last night after work I did yoga. Wonderful, 75-minute, vinyasa yoga. My body needed it. It’s been forever since I’ve done yoga and, despite incessant foam rolling, my muscles have felt tighter […]

I Want To Marry Pure Yoga

Today has been stellar. Maybe it’s been a good day because I pushed myself hard during this morning’s run. Or maybe today has been good thanks to my delicious lunch pita. The fabulousness of the day definitely had to do with the fact that I left the office early to head to Pure Yoga. Pure […]

Thankful Things Thursday: When We Need It Most

Good morning! During my run this morning (4 chilly miles), I realized it was Thursday. Here at Ali On The Run, that means it’s Thankful Things Thursday. As you regular readers know, I haven’t been having the best week. I’ve been feeling a little sad, and when I realized it was Thursday, my first thought […]

The Weekend I Needed

This has been one of those really great weekends that has been equal parts relaxing, productive and downright fun. After yesterday’s sweat session/shopping excursion/walk-a-thon with the girls, I was excited to end my day with ABS. We had plans to go out to dinner with two other couples at Beyoglu on the Upper East Side. […]

Writer’s Block

No morning post?! What’s going on? Don’t worry. Everything is fine. Except that I have writer’s block today. Not regarding the blog — I can pretty much always find something to say to you wonderful readers. I’m having work-related writer’s block. I’m writing a big feature and it is consuming my brain. I’m a writer […]

I’m Going Away More Often!

Yes, obviously I wish I could travel more often. I love going on trips, seeing new sights, trying new cuisines and meeting new people. But sometimes, isn’t the best part of going away coming back home? Today, after a 5 am wake-up, a shuttle to the airport, a 5 hour and 21 minute flight and […]

Saying Goodbye to Utah

I don’t want to leave! But in the words (er, voice) of Chandler Bing: “Could I BE any more tired?” Seriously, this trip kicked my butt, but it was so worth it. I’ve had an amazing time. Let’s go back to yesterday… I arrived at the photo shoot, which was just a convenient 2-minute drive […]