Thankful Things Thursday: I Can Sing Like Whitney Houston

Have you ever had a dream that felt really, really real? And when you woke up from it, you were still totally immersed in the dream? Well this morning, right before I woke up, I had a dream that Brian told me he went on a business trip to Chicago and while he was there […]

Auntie Ali On The Run

The day my brother, Ryan, and his wife, Michaela, told me they were going to have a baby, they did so by suggesting I rename my blog Auntie Ali On The Run. (It was the day after the Hamptons Marathon, I was delirious, confused and then I cried in a fit of excitement.) So it […]

Thankful Things Thursday: On Knowing I Will Get Better

Despite the fact that my stomach is staging a mutiny against me and the entire left side of my body is deteriorating, I’d like to put a positive spin on today by declaring it Thankful Things Thursday! You know, because that’s something new and different around here… Oh, you’re new? Welcome! Let me introduce you […]

I Ran. Twice!

For the past six days, I couldn’t eat. I barely slept. I didn’t even think about running. But yesterday? Oh sweet, beautiful yesterday. Yesterday I ate. I slept. And yes, I ran. Let’s talk about the running first, because that’s obviously — always — what I’m most excited about. Coach Cane said I could run […]

Ali On Bed Rest

Oh hi! Hey, all you people who said this stomach bug was probably “only a 12-hour thing,” why don’t you come on over to my apartment so I can give you a swift kick to the face for all your lies? Yeah, that’s right. Hostile Ali! I’m currently on Day 3 of being quarantined to […]

FITNESS Mind, Body & Spirit Games Recap

Three years ago I toed the start line at my very first running race: the FITNESS Mind, Body & Spirit Games 4-miler in Central Park. I had just started running and hardly considered myself “a runner.” I was super nervous, had no idea what my “goal time” should be and ran in a cotton tank […]

I Love Food

I have no complaints today. Actually, that’s not true. I have one. I was woken up this morning not by an alarm, not by the sun, and not even by a rumbling stomach. I woke up because my toe hurt. Stupid, I know. There seems to be something growing on my 2nd to littlest toe […]