Lingering Weekend Thoughts

Hello. Did you have a nice weekend? I did. It was wonderful taking Friday off from work and having a full three days to relax, eat and drink. That’s really all I did this weekend: eat and drink. I also, very reluctantly, dressed up as Waldo. I spent the weekend in Fire Island with a […]

“But First I Have To Run”

I am blogging from a super-soft couch in Fire Island and I can physically feel my Crohn’s disease/potential colitis/faulty foot/mental craziness melting away. It’s a beautiful thing. My goal for this weekend is to stay as unplugged as possible. I’m surrounded by a very very very cool breeze, awesome friends, tons of food and a […]

Thankful Things Thursday: New Sneakers, Thick Thighs & I Really Love Food

Hello. Today is Thursday. This week has been speedy. Probably because I was gallivanting around Fire Island on Monday and Tuesday instead of working. My feet are covered in bug bites. I’m not very excited about that. They’re itchy and swollen and keeping me up at night. I’d rather be sleeping than enduring a scratch-fest […]

Running At Night Is Hard

After a semi-tough race on Sunday followed by a few blissful days of beaching and drinking in Fire Island, today I was forced to return to reality. Boo. Hiss. I should note that I am currently listening to “A Whole New World” on iTunes. Aladdin is awesome. I always liked Jasmine’s kind of slutty outfits […]

Drinking & Blogging From Fire Island

Warning: My day has consisted of this… Yes, that’s right. I’m sorry, Mom. I have been drinking. Only a little amount though. Lauren made me do it. And now I will attempt to blog. Quickly. There’s still some more champagne to be had. Life is a celebration. I was planning to write a full race […]

What You Do When You Go To Fire Island

I’m back. I’m not happy about being back. Spending three glorious days in Fire Island was exactly what I’ve been needing. I relaxed. I napped (a lot). I ate delicious food. I ran. It was three days of pure bliss and perfection. I also completely abstained from social media. I didn’t blog. I didn’t Tweet. […]

Off To Fire Island!

I don’t think it’s possible for me to be in a better mood right now. I have to make this post quick because in an hour I’m meeting Lauren and we’re heading out to Fire Island for the weekend. I love Lauren no matter what, but the fact that her mom has a house in […]

Thankful Things Thursday: Making A Bad Day Good

I woke up this morning ridiculously happy for many reasons: I had a great night last night that was equal parts fun and productive. I painted my toenails, baked a dessert for this weekend, cleaned and put together my new (used) coffee table, and then I had dinner and drinks with a friend. I wasn’t […]