Thankful Things Thursday: Let’s Make This Quick

In the spirit of promising not to complain about being busy (so busy — this job is great but it is killing meeee) or tired (I’d like to go to sleep from now until next Tuesday, and that still may not be enough to feel caught up), let’s just get right to it today, OK? […]

Feller Family Fun On The Run

Guess who I hung out with all weekend? So remember last weekend when I was like, “Hey everyone! Guess what?! This was the best weekend ever in my whole life!” Well, fun little fact, this weekend was like last weekend on steroids. Only…not on steroids. Because I’m done with those things. But you see where […]

Thankful Things Thursday: Rainbowtown

You know those weeks where everything is sparkly and wonderful, and things fall into place and your whole life just feels so magical, like you’re riding around on a unicorn, with glitter on its horn, and you’re riding by rainbows and you’re eating a warm brownie and also maybe you’re a little drunk? Ah. Those […]

This Time Feels Right

As soon as I crossed the finish line at the Hamptons Marathon, I was ready to sign up for my second attempt at 26.2. I set my sights on the Eugene Marathon on April 29, but I didn’t fully commit to the race until well into 2012. I wanted to run Eugene. I really did. […]

This Is Love

Love was the theme of the weekend. Lack of sleep, traffic, endless hours on the highway and eating were other themes. But let’s go with the love theme, because that one is the most fun to talk about. There was a lot to love about this fantastic May weekend. First there was Friday evening’s SoulCycle […]

Thankful Things Thursday: The Adorable Edition

Hi. Why waste time? It’s Thursday, so let’s get our grateful on! (Oh, you’re new? You have no idea what I’m talking about? I know, it’s tough to figure out. On Thursdays, we celebrate Thankful Things Thursday. It’s a special time when we all share the things we appreciate, whether large — being healthy and […]

Auntie Ali On The Run

The day my brother, Ryan, and his wife, Michaela, told me they were going to have a baby, they did so by suggesting I rename my blog Auntie Ali On The Run. (It was the day after the Hamptons Marathon, I was delirious, confused and then I cried in a fit of excitement.) So it […]

Thankful Things Thursday: Happy Holidays!

It seemed like practically everyone on the subway this morning had big bags filled with wrapped gifts and massive suitcases in tow. When I say “in tow” I mean “thanks for running over my big toe with your giant bag, bitch.” Whoa. That escalated quickly, and I’m sorry. My toes are all just fine, despite […]

A Very Thankful Thanksgiving

It’s Thankful Things Thursday and it also happens to be Thanksgiving. Look at that! I feel luckier than ever lately so excuse me while I gush, gobble and fawn over all the things I’m truly thankful for today. I’m thankful to be home. My flight up to Boston was so easy yesterday. Thank you, JetBlue, […]

Thankful Things Thursday: On My Ever-Expanding Family

Warning: I’m in a wicked good mood today. Yeah. Wicked — because I’m from New Hampshire. You cannot take that word away from me, no matter how far from that 603 area code I happen to live. Good thing it’s Thankful Things Thursday. I’m thankful for biscotti. How had I never tried this delicious treat […]