Ragnar Relay Adirondacks Recap

This is my longest post ever I think. Three runs in one recap. Sorry. Proceed with patience. For years, I avoided relay races. I know people love them, but I hated the idea of not always being right next to a bathroom, and always blamed my stomach for not wanting to join a team. I […]

What Fall Feels Like For Me

I felt it so strongly this weekend. There was a chill in the air. Everything felt crisp. I could have worn shorts and a tank top or zebra-tiger sweatpants and a zip-up, and either way I would have been comfortable. It may not technically be fall yet, but I can feel it. While the rest […]

Thankful Things Thursday: Because A Sucky Stomach Can’t Bring Me Down

I woke up this morning and felt wide-awake when my alarm screamed at 5:00. The Steroids will do that to you — you don’t need to sleep much. My first thought was, “Yay! It’s already Thursday! Time to run!” But then, right around my fourth miserable trip to the bathroom, I cursed myself for thinking […]

Thankful Things Thursday: For The People Who Truly Get Me

Hello. It’s a gorgeous fall day here in NYC and despite having no hot water in my apartment for roughly the 19th day in a row, I am managing to pull myself into a good mood. In case you’re wondering if I survived a freezing-cold shower this morning (which you’re probably not, let’s be honest) […]

Manic Monday? Not so much.

So like the title says, today wasn’t necessarily manic, but it was productive! The work days have been flying by lately. I look at the clock and all of a sudden it’s 3:00! Crazy. I love being busy, though, so it suits me. My new obsession: Chocolate macaroons from Whole Foods. I seriously can’t stop […]