Fairfield Half Marathon Recap

All my life, I’ve never been big on spontaneity. I tend to enjoy well-laid plans and have a keen ability to follow through. Life according to plan is what thrills me. That’s changed quite a bit over the past two years, though, as I’ve learned that plans are overrated and, often times, are not entirely […]

The Countdown Is On: One Month Until Marathon Day

Holy crap. Today is August 24. The Hamptons Marathon is on September 24. Let’s do some math, shall we? I have one month until race day. One month from today and I’ll be stepping up to that start line with fresh legs, a calm stomach and a crookedly-pinned race bib. I suck at pinning on […]


The other day, Dori sent me this link about some creepy things happening on the Upper East Side. Awesome! There’s a serial groper roaming my ‘hood? Ew. I didn’t think much of it at the time, other than thinking, “That’s gross. Who does that? Who wakes up in the morning and says ‘I’m going to […]

I Have A Great Feeling About Today

It’s a good day. Who’s with me? You can complain about the heat all you want, but I know I’m not going to let a little upper lip sweat during my morning commute bring me down. What? You don’t get that, too? It’s sexy. Let me tell you a few things that are great right […]

Thankful Things Thursday: Comeback Time

Confession: For the past month, I’ve dreaded Thursdays. With that whole lame Crohn’s Disease thing coming at me full force, I found it difficult to push past how my body was feeling in an effort to think happy thoughts. But guess what? I’m back! So game on, friends. Time to be thankful, because it’s a […]

An Ode To New Runners

Good morning! It’s Remicade Day today, which means I was up nice and early this morning to squeeze in 5.5 miles before I head to the hospital. The run went pretty well. I rushed to get out the door, which inevitably meant that around mile 3 I was in need of a pit stop. I’ve […]

On Running, Racing, Recovery & Rewards

It’s been 48 hours since the Fairfield Half Marathon and my body is very slowly coming back to life. Very slowly. I felt really dehydrated all day yesterday so I was chugging water at my desk. That meant I was constantly having to get up to pee. The walk to the office bathroom has never […]

Fairfield Half Marathon Recap

How do you recap a race you kind of hated? Sigh. Well, let me clarify: I hated the course and I hated the weather. But there was plenty about yesterday’s Fairfield Half Marathon that I loved. I went into this weekend feeling surprisingly optimistic about the race. Despite a somewhat tumultuous month battling an annoying […]

Still A Success

It’s been a long day. I was up at 4:30 am in order to get up to Connecticut for today’s Fairfield Half Marathon. The full recap will come tomorrow — because right now my priorities are frozen yogurt and sleep — but here’s what I’ll tell you about the 13.1 miles I ran this morning… […]

‘Twas The Night Before Fairfield

Tomorrow I will run 13.1 miles through Fairfield, CT. The way I see it, this race could go one of two ways: I wake up, feel amazing, say F-you Crohn’s and totally dominate the course. (I love this option.) I wake up, don’t feel so hot, and get through the race knowing I’m doing my […]