Give Me Your Marathon Advice

Good morning! I can’t believe I’m already back at the office. This weekend felt like it lasted about two seconds. In case you unplugged for the weekend, here’s what you missed in Ali On The Run land: I announced that I was selected as a finalist in JackRabbit’s Run For The Rabbit competition. I have […]

Easter Sunday

I’ve never been a big Easter person. Growing up, my family wasn’t very religious, so we did the whole Easter basket thing and the big dinner thing, but we didn’t go to church or do much beyond the Hallmarky stuff. We did eat a lot of Cadbury Mini Eggs though. Going home to New Hampshire […]

NYRR 4 Mile Race Recap

What a whirlwind couple of days it’s been. Yesterday was amazing. I got to announce to the world that I am a finalist in the Run For The Rabbit competition! The press conference was a blast and I already love Coach Cane and the other five finalists. I’ll be writing about my Hamptons Marathon training […]

The Monday Rundown

Today flew by. Here’s what I remember happening… 1. Work was ridiculously busy, a little bit stressful and very productive. I love when you can leave at the end of the day knowing you crossed a bunch of things off your To Do list. 2. My lunch was boring (Lean Cuisine Garlic Chicken Pizza), but […]