Running, Brunch & My Best Friend

Happy Sunday! A lot of people don’t like Sundays because they see it as the end of the weekend. But I don’t mind Sundays. I never do my long runs on Sundays, so my day is usually pretty wide open. Today’s agenda included a short recovery run, a blogger brunch and errand-running. Allow me to […]

Run Round 2

I said I didn’t want to talk about the weather — but now I do. Today. Was. Gorgeous. I know that we all shouldn’t get too excited. The 60-degree temperatures we experienced are apparently going to drop back into the 40s tomorrow. When I left work, all I could think about was running. I wanted […]

Fast Post Friday

Happy Friday, friends! There’s a lot to accomplish today, so I’m going to make this quick. First, as you all know by now, today is my screen test at Jack Rabbit Sports! Thanks to everyone who weighed in on “The Great Outfit Debate.” Here’s the winning look (sans headband, because it gives me a headache […]

I Like Jazz Hands

Good morning! I’d love to say I stayed up to watch “Glee” after the Super Bowl last night, but I definitely did not. ABS and I went to a Super Bowl party in our neighborhood and though I had no interest in the game, I had plenty of interest in the mac and cheese and […]

Today Will Be Great

Oh hi there. What day is it? Ahhhh yes. It’s Friday! High 5! Before we get into the good stuff, first allow me to graciously thank you all for your wonderful comments and feedback about yesterday’s “How I Learned To Love Yoga” post, and for sharing your thankful thoughts as part of “Thankful Things Thursday.” […]

The Weekend I Needed

This has been one of those really great weekends that has been equal parts relaxing, productive and downright fun. After yesterday’s sweat session/shopping excursion/walk-a-thon with the girls, I was excited to end my day with ABS. We had plans to go out to dinner with two other couples at Beyoglu on the Upper East Side. […]

Thankful Things Thursday: I Remembered Today

Soooo remember two weeks ago when I made a grand declaration on the blog? I proclaimed (that sounds fancy) that every Thursday I’d deliver a nice list of things I’m thankful for, because Thanksgiving should be celebrated every day, and all that jazz. I admit, last Thursday I totally forgot “Thankful Things Thursday” existed. But […]

It’s A Pink Skirt Kind Of Day

Yesterday in New York City, everything just felt so blah. The morning weather prevented me from accomplishing my planned outdoor run. Then I totally bought into the gloominess of the day by wearing jeans and a sweater to work. Booo-ring. And unflattering. But today is a new day! And though the weather outside is still, […]

No Knee Pain!

I am proud to report that after giving myself a running rest day yesterday — in addition to the loads of foam rolling I’ve been doing lately — I ran 4 miles this morning without any pain! Usually I don’t feel much pain anyway during the run. It’s when I stop running that the aches […]

Ali & ABS vs. The Snooze Button

ABS and I both set our alarms for 5:45 am (give or take) each morning. If I’m hoping to do a longer run, it’s 5:30. A shorter run calls for 6 am. But lately neither of us have been racing out of bed in the morning. We’ve mastered the art of the Snooze button. I […]