Thankful Things Thursday: Winding Down From Disney

I didn’t forget that today is Thursday. I’m just way late in posting due to traveling. At 4 am, when my alarm went off, I wasn’t feeling very thankful. But I am now, so let’s get to it. Here’s what I’m thankful for on this very lovely Thursday… I’m thankful for the amazing trip I […]

I Don’t Want To Leave Orlando

This will be my last “I’m having the best time ever in Florida” post. I promise. I have to go back to NYC on a very early flight tomorrow. The trip has been pretty great. Today was a total work day (though it did start out with a 4-mile run and a jump straight into […]

Orlando Day 3: Universal Studios & Margaritaville

I’m sure these updates are getting a little boring. I’m still in Orlando. I’m still waking up early and going running. My alarm went off at 5 am today so I could cover six Coach Cane-prescribed miles. Of course, at 5 am it was totally dark. That was weird. So I reset the alarm for […]

Disney Day 2: Conquering The Parks

It’s been one heck of a long day and my big hotel bed is calling my name. A quick recap: I woke up at 6 am to get a run in. Four miles, nothing special. The rest of the day was spent dominating Disney World. First stop: Epcot. Saw the characters, got excited, made a […]

I’m In Orlando!

These guys came along, too. Life has been super hard today. After a fast, easy, I-slept-the-whole-time-and-we-even-arrived-early flight last night, I’m happy to say my work-but-feels-like-play trip is off to a fantastic start. Last night involved a trip to the hotel bar and hot tub. And maybe a lap or two around the Lazy River. I […]

Are You Ready For Me, Mickey?

Seven hours until I’m on board a JetBlue flight headed for Orlando, FL! So naturally before I can even think about hitting the air, there’s entirely too much to be done. Good thing I got that massage yesterday! Stress be gone! I was able to leave the office at 1:30 pm, giving me plenty of […]

Thankful Things Thursday: Comeback Time

Confession: For the past month, I’ve dreaded Thursdays. With that whole lame Crohn’s Disease thing coming at me full force, I found it difficult to push past how my body was feeling in an effort to think happy thoughts. But guess what? I’m back! So game on, friends. Time to be thankful, because it’s a […]