An Update on the Crohn’s Situation + Things I’m Loving Right Now

(Remember The Situation? What’s he up to?) Hello hello hello and Happy Tuesday! That, my friends, is a touch of forced enthusiasm. The reality is, I’m having a bit of a tough time right now. This Crohn’s flare isn’t letting up even a little bit, and while, I know, that’s old news and I’ve done my fair share of […]

Ali on the Run Show Episode 36: My Least Favorite Motivational Phrases

The Ali on the Run Show Episode 36 Listen on iTunes I SoundCloud I Overcast I Stitcher I Google Play NEW: Follow the Ali on the Run Show on Facebook! Motivational phrases are meant to inspire us — but they sometimes kinda stink. (Ahem, “No Excuses.”) Today I’m sharing the ones that I’m just not digging, […]


Last weekend, I officially checked another item off my 2017 To-Do list. (Completed tasks as of June 2017 include “launch a podcast,” “go dairy-free for 30 days,” and “get healthy.” That still leaves “PR in the 5K,” “run on the Long Path,” “do a 100-mile bike ride,” “see La La Land,” and “get healthy — again” on the […]

Happy Celine Dion Week!!!

“I’m going to start a podcast! But I’ll still have time and energy and the desire to keep blogging!” Oh, Ali. I’m trying, though! Part of me feels like I should have all this podcasting stuff figured out already, because I like to be good at things right away. But then I remember I’ve only […]

Ali on the Run Show Episode 32: Crohn’s Disease Q&A

The Ali on the Run Show Episode 32 Listen on iTunes I SoundCloud I Overcast I Stitcher I Google Play   I’ve had Crohn’s disease for 25 years, and there have been lots of ups, downs, and in betweens during that time. So while I’m no doctor, expert, or attending on Grey’s Anatomy, I have figured […]

2017 Airbnb Brooklyn Half Recap

I ran the Airbnb Brooklyn Half Marathon this weekend! Previous recaps: 2016, 2015, 2011 I made it to the start line and the finish line, and checked out pretty much every porta-potty in between. By the numbers, it was my slowest half marathon in seven years. But I’m calling it a win. Here’s how it […]

Stress & Stuff

I know I know I know. It’s been a while. I’ve missed you! I’ve missed writing here! But such is life, and life lately has been, well…let’s discuss. Remember when I had that awesome week of Brooklyn Half training, and I was finally starting to feel fast and fit and ready to race Brooklyn? I […]

On Being Your Own Advocate In A Broken System & Why I Tried InsideTracker

This is not a sponsored post. Just FYI. Today is Monday, April 10. And on Monday, April 10, I should be home giving myself my next Stelara injection. But in spite of the fact that today is Monday, April 10, I am not at home giving myself my Stelara injection. Even though today is the day my […]

How I Finally Got Over My Body Issues

We’re getting a little deep today. This is a long post, and there’s still so much more I could’ve said — and still want to say — on this topic. It took me two months to hit finally publish and to want to share all of this. Here’s a bit of reflection on my relationship […]

What to Know Before You Get a Colonoscopy

I happened to get three different messages in the past week asking about getting colonoscopies! And since I’m no stranger to Googling “What to know before you get a colonoscopy,” I figured I’d share my own experiences. You’ll either have absolutely no interest in this, or you’re one of the three people who will find […]