Keeping Running Fun (There’s A Giveaway!)

Running. What a roller coaster. (I always want roller coaster to be one word.) (I also always want to ride roller coasters when I should be doing work.) (I also also sometimes worry that roller coasters are not safe at all, and think that people should definitely not ride them.) (And amusement parks are too […]

I Have A Great Feeling About Today

It’s a good day. Who’s with me? You can complain about the heat all you want, but I know I’m not going to let a little upper lip sweat during my morning commute bring me down. What? You don’t get that, too? It’s sexy. Let me tell you a few things that are great right […]

Everything About Today Will Be Great

It’s Friday, and that’s just the first reason today is going to be a stellar day leading into a phenomenal weekend. Positivity, people. Embrace it. This week went by really quickly for me. It was productive, it included some great workouts and it included quality time with great people. Unfortunately, this weekend also proved to […]

Weekend Wrap-Up

Good morning! How was everyone’s weekend? Wonderful? [Yes.] Filled with running? [Yup.] Filled with ice cream? [No, sadly.] Filled with catching up on sleep? [Definitely not.] I ran the Brooklyn Half Marathon on Saturday (Here’s the full recap.) and although the race didn’t go as hoped or planned, I learned a few good lessons along […]

I Want A Medal

It’s no secret that I love medals. I love getting them at the end of races, and I’m very disappointed that my next half marathon — the Brooklyn Half in May — doesn’t give medals to its finishers. (Though I suppose if I learned to be super fast and actually place in a race then […]