A Crohn’s Update + Life After A Clinical Trial

If you’re new around here, hi! I have Crohn’s disease. Here are a few posts that’ll bring you up to speed on my history with the disease: My history with Crohn’s disease The mental and emotional side of Crohn’s Enrolling in a clinical trial April 12 marked my final clinical trial appointment. In many ways, […]

A Crohn’s Update + Things To Know About Enrolling In A Clinical Trial

For the past eight months, I’ve enjoyed feeling healthy. And not just “healthy for me” or “healthy for someone with Crohn’s,” but generally healthy, without any distinctions or clarifications. It’s been years since I’ve felt this good, and I’m appreciating every single day. I can leave the apartment! I can take the subway! I can […]


I’ve been wanting to write for a while. A big reason I haven’t been posting — so much for that “groove” I thought I’d hit — is that I simply don’t have time. A bigger reason for the absence is that I feel like I’m in a state of adjustment right now. A state of […]


Last Friday morning, I was taking my usual obnoxious expensive cab to work, and the driver asked me the most annoying question a cab driver can ask, which is, “Which way do you want to go?” (I always think they’re testing me — like, “Is she a local? Or can I get away with going […]

I’m So Excited…I’m So, So Scared

Ladies and gentlemen, Jessie Spano. So today’s the big day. In just a few hours, I’ll be at the doctor’s office, getting what is either a drug that may heal me and give me the relief I’ve waited for for two years — or I won’t. Or I’ll get the placebo, which won’t heal me […]

Survival Of The Sickest

This post was going to be so happy and so positive, you don’t even know. And you never will. But sit tight, because you’re going to get that whole story. Lest you think things are all dark and scary in The Land of Sickness right now, I will start this off by sharing with you […]