Thankful Things Thursday: Let’s Make This Quick

In the spirit of promising not to complain about being busy (so busy — this job is great but it is killing meeee) or tired (I’d like to go to sleep from now until next Tuesday, and that still may not be enough to feel caught up), let’s just get right to it today, OK? […]

The Dumb Things I Do

It’s an intriguing title, right? I bet you’re thinking to yourself, “What moronic things has Ali done today?” Don’t worry. There’s a whole list. After a weekend of working, I managed to plow through another work day yesterday with relative ease. I escaped the office right at 5 PM, just in time to make it […]

10 Reasons To Love Summer Running

“I hate running in the heat.” “I sweat too much.” (No such thing.) “I don’t want sports bra tan lines.” (Why not? They’re sexy and classy and look great with strapless dresses at weddings.) “You have to wake up too early to beat the heat.” “The gym is air conditioned. I’ll just run on the […]

Does A PR Last A Lifetime?

The first few years of racing are, in my opinion, the best. At least for me they were. When I ran my first race — the FITNESS Mind, Body & Spirit Games 4-mile race in Central Park in 2008 — I was clueless about running and had no idea what to expect from this thing […]

Now What?

I started Ali On The Run so I could keep track of my running and my training for whichever races I had coming up. So if I’m taking a little training hiatus, what does that mean on the writing front? It means you’ll read less from Crazy Ali and hopefully a little more from Rational […]

The Things I’m Doing To Become A Better, Stronger, Faster Runner

I attempted a speedwork session this morning. The plan was to follow an old workout Coach Cane used to give me when I was training for the Hamptons Marathon: 1 mile warm-up 1 mile at 5K pace (or sub-8:00, whatever we’re working with here) .3 mile recovery jog 1 mile at 5K pace .3 mile […]

Gym Pet Peeves

First, let me show you my dinner from last night, because I am a ridiculously talented chef. That’s right. While some of you were whipping up chickens or pastas or chia seeded oatmeals, I made English Muffin Pizzas, side of Brussels sprouts. Oh, you want the recipe? Sure. Brussels Sprouts: Cut up sprouts. Wash them […]

I Want To Run Faster

So from what I gathered yesterday, we’re all a bunch of crazies. I’m glad it’s not just me. Your comments on yesterday’s post about being nasty and stressed instead of fun and carefree were hilarious and I loved them. Oh. Were they not supposed to be funny? Well I thought they were good. Now let’s […]

Measuring My Year In Sweat

I don’t know if you know this, but I think sweating is cool. While some people measure their years in how much they achieved, or in daylights or sunsets or midnights or cups of coffee (RENT? Anyone? No. OK.), I prefer to look back on my year and assess how much I perspired. After all, […]

Q & A

You know what phrase kind of skeeves me out? “Burning questions.” I don’t know why. I just think it’s a little gross. I have a friend who shudders whenever she hears the phrase “reared its ugly head.” Brianne, I hope you’re not reading today. Sorry about that. First, because I blog about running and things, […]