The In Between

Hi, I’ve missed youuuuuu! Really, I have. I’m here today to talk about this weird place I’m in right now — a place I’m not at all comfortable being, and not in that edgy “push yourself out of your comfort zone” kind of way. Let’s go back in time for a sec. Nearly one year […]

I Remember

Last week I wrote about how when you’ve been sick for so long, you forget what it’s like to be healthy. Last week I got sparse glimpses of that healthy life I used to live. This week, though? This week I’m really, deeply remembering all the most important feelings I used to know so well. […]

The Biggest Little Victories

After last week, when I got to write that really fun “I see signs of improvement!” post, I’ve so badly wanted to write another one filled with enthusiasm and joy (if only because you all left me the best comments of all-time with words of encouragement and happiness, and reading them got me all teary […]

Here It Is!

You see the exclamation point. You know what that means. It’s happy post time! Exclamation point! I’ve had an active couple days — “active” by my sad, low new standards — but active and happy and certainly worth celebrating. A bit of pre-excitement clarification: My stomach isn’t better. I’m still up a lot at night, […]

Overheard In Central Park

The scene: A bustling Central Park on Saturday morning. The sun is shining and temperatures are hovering in the 40s. Runners are flooding the paths (and taking over the bike lanes — come on runners, wise up and move in or don’t complain about the riders!) and cyclists are speeding by. As I cruise (crawl) […]

Thankful Things Thursday: For Basically Everything Ever

People say the worst feeling in the world is heartbreak. I say the worst feeling in the world is when you come in from a frigid run and jump into a scalding-hot shower too fast, and then your legs turn bright red and get all itchy. The second worst feeling is when you bite your […]

On The Roads Again!

An exclamation point in the title. Good things are happening. Great things are happening. I went running. Pause for more exclamation points: !!!!!! Oh, you run every day? You’re healthy, uninjured and have just enough time to sweat outdoors daily? Congratulations for you. But that wasn’t my life for the past month-plus. No no. I […]

Learning From My Mistakes: My 2013 Running Plans

If 2012 was the year of “making all the mistakes,” then 2013 is the year in which I learn from all of them. With almost 1/12th of the year in the bag, I’m feeling really good about 2013. I know I’ve said that before, and I know I’m putting way too much stake in the […]

Respecting The Recovery

Tyler says hi. Last weekend, I ran 10 miles. By now I don’t remember the run at all, but I do remember how I felt afterward. Tired. So tired. Perhaps “exhausted” is a more accurate word. My run, from what I not-so-vividly remember, wasn’t fast nor furious. But it knocked me out. I spent the […]

Thankful Things Thursday: Kicking Off The New Year

I am sick. I know. Wahhhhh! My life is the absolute worst. No. Not really. Not at all. I just have a cold, and I’m handling it supremely well. I did not scream for Brian six times last night asking him to “bring me drugs,” “give me the good stuff,” “take my temp” and “fix […]