Ali Back On The Run

Hi! It’s been a while. My bad. What’s new? Well. I got a wedding dress! So that’s exciting. For me. Probably not for you. It was the fourth one I tried on, but I didn’t go back to make the purchase until the next day, and then I spent the following 48 hours with severe […]

“This Isn’t Steamtown”: My New York City Marathon 2014 Recap

After last year’s nearly perfect New York City Marathon, I said I didn’t need to run the race again. Despite being mid-Crohn’s flare and having to make three ugly bathroom stops along the way, I paced myself beautifully and enjoyed every step of the 26.2-mile trek from Staten Island to Central Park. I finally got […]

71 & Done

I’m tapering. Oh thank the sweet running gods (or coaches, or calendars, or whatever), I am tapering. Yeah, my training plan for the Steamtown Marathon is “only” a 12-week plan, but boy has it done me in. My body feels good — no aches, pains, pending injuries, worries beyond the usual stomach stuff — but […]

A WednesDAY In The Life

Haha. WednesDAY. So this blogging thing. Eesh. I’ve been not awesome about it, which is sad (probably only for me) because I’ve had plenty to share. I’m training for a marathon! I have a coach! I’m the healthiest I’ve been in, oh, three years! I’m pretty happy! But today, I’m here to share with the […]


Last night, my BFF Michael came over to deliver some wonderful treats. She’s a great friend and an excellent neighbor. One of the magical treats was a huge bag of Starburst. She knows what I like. This morning, Brian came back from his training ride as I was getting out of the shower. With a […]

The Triumphant Return Of Thankful Things Thursday

Big things are happening. Huge. On Tuesday, I ran to work! It was cold and wonderful. My first morning run! On Wednesday, I fully reacquainted myself with public transportation. I rode the subway three times and took the bus once. Guess how many cabs I took? I took zero cabs. [Insert big sigh of relief […]


Last Friday morning, I was taking my usual obnoxious expensive cab to work, and the driver asked me the most annoying question a cab driver can ask, which is, “Which way do you want to go?” (I always think they’re testing me — like, “Is she a local? Or can I get away with going […]

My Great Escape

This is a “15 Thing Friday,” if you will. I had a post ready to go that ended up being just another “I have Crohn’s and I hate it so much every day lately” update. Boooooring at this point, right? And darn repetitive. And exhausting. One thing that’s more fun than writing about Crohn’s and […]

Those Familiar Feelings

Let me take you back in time to a week and a half ago. The weekend had not been awesome. I’d attempted a yoga class Saturday morning, and I had to leave the room twice to use the bathroom. It was especially embarrassing when I came back into the room and everyone was in side […]

This Weekend By The Numbers

…because why use words when numbers will suffice? 10: Times I swore I was going to clean the apartment this weekend. 0: Things in the apartment that got cleaned. 5: Times I saw Buzunesh Deba, my favorite favorite favorite elite runner, training in Central Park Saturday. 2: New friends I made at JackRabbit Saturday. Pamela […]