Thankful Things Thursday: New Sneakers, Thick Thighs & I Really Love Food

Hello. Today is Thursday. This week has been speedy. Probably because I was gallivanting around Fire Island on Monday and Tuesday instead of working. My feet are covered in bug bites. I’m not very excited about that. They’re itchy and swollen and keeping me up at night. I’d rather be sleeping than enduring a scratch-fest […]

The Countdown Is On: One Month Until Marathon Day

Holy crap. Today is August 24. The Hamptons Marathon is on September 24. Let’s do some math, shall we? I have one month until race day. One month from today and I’ll be stepping up to that start line with fresh legs, a calm stomach and a crookedly-pinned race bib. I suck at pinning on […]

Maybe Less Really Is More

Yesterday I asked if you all remember the 1990s, and apparently you do. (That will bode well for those of you who will be attending TriviaFest tomorrow night.) What a hilarious decade. Jelly shoes? Trolls? “Blossom!” Lisa Frank? All great things. But then the debate arose: I got a lot of responses, so thank you […]

Under Where?

Good morning! I didn’t sleep very well last night. Now, I pride myself on my stellar hydration skills. I drink a lot of water during the day, I hydrate when I’m at the gym and I basically just love water. I can’t get enough. That doesn’t fare well for me when I have to wake […]

Short Shorts Shopping Spree

Monday = done. Go team. I think I may have forgotten to breathe today. It was one of those crazy busy days where 4 pm comes way too soon and you have a panic attack because there aren’t enough hours in the day. One thing that kept me smiling all day was all of your […]