Bloggers Are Better In Real Life

Fact: Being real-life friends with fellow bloggers makes my world better. Why’s that, you ask? Well, many of my blogger friends are food bloggers. That means they like to cook and sometimes it means they like to cook for me. Since the most impressive thing I make is pasta (from the box) with sauce (unheated, […]

7 Links

There’s lots to be shared today so I’m getting right down to business… (If you wear a denim shirt, you can say things like “let’s get down to business.” I just decided that.) My workday flew by yesterday. That happens when you’re busy. I left the office at 5 for some gym action. Coach Cane […]

I Need Lists To Function

Oh hey Friday. You snuck up on me there! It’s nice to see you. Today is going to be a bit of a crazy day (aren’t they all?), and on crazy days, I only function by way of lists. Here’s just a little snapshot of today’s “Get All This Done” list: So yeah… I’ll work […]


Last night I wrote about how I’m in a good place right now. That’s true, don’t get me wrong. I’m happy to be settled in my new apartment. I’m being productive every day at work, which is a good feeling. (And I even got to take an actual lunch break today, which I spent taking […]

Operation Self Host

I write this post as a plea for help: Today I purchased the domain I’d like for that to be the new home of Ali On The Run. (Yes, sadly, was taken.) I thought I could just upgrade through WordPress and my blog would move itself and blog life would be happy and […]

A Divine Day In D.C.

I’m safely back in NYC, relaxing on the couch with sweatpants, a glass of vino and some 16 Handles (duh). When we last “chatted,” I filled you in on all things “National Half Marathon” — click here to read my full recap. I’m definitely sore today, which means I pushed myself yesterday and really went […]

Thankful Things Thursday: When We Need It Most

Good morning! During my run this morning (4 chilly miles), I realized it was Thursday. Here at Ali On The Run, that means it’s Thankful Things Thursday. As you regular readers know, I haven’t been having the best week. I’ve been feeling a little sad, and when I realized it was Thursday, my first thought […]

My First Blogger Meetup!

My social circle expanded quite a bit today when Ashley of A Healthy, Happier Bear hosted a blogger brunch at her (fabulous) apartment. I had so much fun getting to know all of these wonderful women, many of whom I felt like I knew already because I read their blogs. The brunch wasn’t just hosted […]

My Blogging Addiction

It’s true: I’m an addict. Even before I started my own blog (welcome!), I was spending a lot of time reading other healthy living blogs. Now that I’ve set up shop in my own little corner of the Internet (Ali on the Run!), I’m even more into it. I’m loving sharing, commenting and learning all […]